Is it necessary to interrupt the activities during the software implementation period?

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sistemelor de managementDue to our experience, as well as trained Senior Software team, the implementation process that business management systems offer is carried out according to a well-established plan, ensuring the smooth functioning of solutions after process completion.

Some of the classic stages of an implementation process:

  1. Implementation planning based on business processes analysis. The purpose of the project planning stage is to confirm the requirements regarding temporal planning an participants. Also, an agreed regarding implementation framework, the roles and responsibilities of the consultants, as well as defining client personnel that are participating in the implementation.
  2. System installation. This phase will involve installing the system on the client’s hardware platforms if he has opted for on-premise implementation. The technical consultant prepares the environment, ensuring that the hardware, operating system, network and databases are set up correctly before installing the application. Afterwards, the application will be installed, the databases will be initiated and tests will be performed to verify the full functionality of the installation.
  3. User training. During the implementation period, a schedule is agreed upon for training periods. The purpose of this phase is to ensure proper training of the users, showing them the new system, its scope and its functionalities.Training is modular, each training group will be acquainted in detail with the functionalities of the application based on the activities performed by that group . At the end of training, after the recap, the user testing takes place, so that the “Go live” moment of the application will take place under optimal conditions.
  4. System configuration and data import. This stage is carried out throughout the entire implementation, by identifying  application configuration needs. Data import takes place before the “Go live” of the application.
  5. Go live. If the user tests resulted in satisfactory results and the data has been successfully imported, the last step of implementation, namely Go Live, is the moment when substantial work in the business management system begins. An implementation consultant will remain at the client’s disposal, between 2 and 5 days depending on the complexity of the project and the type of implementation chosen, to supervise the optimal development of work within the application.