A new online baby store ships 80% of its orders on the same day of the purchase, with a WMS system

The newest online store in Romania dedicated to children under the age of three, uses a software system that allows it to process orders in 15 minutes. The solution is an eCommerce Warehouse Management System provided by Senior Software, for optimizing and automating workflows in a storage space.

logo miababy wmsLaunched in mid-2017, Miababy is the first online store in Romania dedicated to parents of children under the age of three. In order to reduce operational costs and provide quality services, the company decided to automate workflows in the warehouse, especially since the online store operates 100% on stock.

Thus, Miababy chose to implement WMS (Warehouse Management System) from Senior Software.

“The WMS implementation was imperative because we wanted to focus on activities that help us grow and increase our customer satisfaction. Also, processing a large volume of orders with a limited number of resources was one of the main reasons why we chose to use the Senior Software solution”, said Catalin Vladescu, CTO Miababy.ro.

Implementing the E-commerce WMS from Senior Software brought many benefits for the online store. By using this system, the company achieved complete stock traceability. Also, Miababy managed to lower storage costs, improve information accuracy and reduce delivery time.

“We reduced the cost of order processing and now things are moving very quickly. Currently, with the Senior Software WMS solution, we ship 80% of the orders on the same day as we receive them. The main advantage of the system is the fact that we can process customer orders in a short amount of time. Actually, the time frame, from the second an order is placed until the product is ready for delivery, is very short, and sometimes processing an order takes 15 minutes, added the Miababy CTO.

implementare wms miababyWith its multiple functionalities, the WMS allows Miababy’s team to know exactly the available stock in the warehouse, as well as where every product is located at all times and when it needs to be replenished.

Moreover, warehouse automation simplified the entire workflow, from placing the order to delivery, by eliminating repetitive tasks and increasing employee productivity.

“From the moment our customer selects an item and clicks to purchase it, the only interaction with the order takes places in the warehouse, when the product must be picked and prepared for delivery. Also, the integration of courier delivery service in the WMS solution helps us keep our client informed about the order status”, said Catalin Vladescu.

Last but not least, with the equipment provided by Senior Software (ex.: barcode scanner, label stickers printer), the orders are ready for fast delivery without any human error.

Other companies from Romania successfully using the WMS solution are: Delaco, Alexandrion, Sanovita, Croco, Dinamic 92, Stera Chemicals, Life Logistics, Herlitz and many others.