Senior Software announces the availability of the latest version of the CRM system


The latest version of the CRM system from Senior Software marks the transition from the traditional CRM systems, based on lists and recordings, to the modern CRM systems oriented toward business process optimization and mobility.

SeniorCRM Enterprise 2013 system has an interface that reinvents the user experience and helps increase employee productivity by reducing operating times and help them concentrate on value-added activities for the company.

CRM online

“Every business consists of processes, but because most computer systems are focused on data records, lists and documents, then a company’s capacity to implement, monitor and optimize processes depends on the system’s flexibility. The new CRM version that we propose to our clients is based on the Process concept or Workflow, easy to set up and adjust to the needs of each department, each business and industry. This enables managers to quickly identify problems that arise and to correct it without effort, and employees to be more productive and more efficient.”
Lori Haiducescu, Senior Software Operations Manager.