Senior Software realized its 100% remote implementation

During the restrictions imposed by the authorities, Senior Software offers the possibility to remotely implement the business automation systems from its portfolio. Pro Activ is the first company to benefit from a 100% remote software implementation, already noticing the first results of automation: control, traceability and business security.

The Senior Software team respects the social distancing restrictions and continues its activity at maximum capacity, offering the possibility to remotely implement solutions for business management.

During this period, we noticed an extraordinary difference in attitude compared to the 2008 crisis, when companies blocked any investment and showed a 100% defensive attitude. Now I’m glad to see that many companies are adapting, are active, looking for solutions to move forward and to evolve. We are pleased to collaborate with management teams that have understood the usefulness of an IT system capable of ensuring remote communication and a high degree of business process automation, especially now and in the immediate future, and do not retreat in the implementation process. Currently, we have our whole implementation team busy.

- detailed Daniel Toma, General Manager of Senior Software.

proactiv-logo-comunicat-2020With a turnover of 13 million euros, Pro Activ is the first company in the Senior Software portfolio to benefit from a 100% remote software implementation. The solutions chosen by the construction materials distributor are SeniorERP – for resource management, SeniorVisualBI – for data analysis and HR – for human resource management.

The implementation period coincided with the measures determined by the state of emergency, the Pro Activ team considering all the more that it is time to invest in software that will provide clarity on the business direction that they should take.

It is clear that Senior Software has all the tools needed to achieve a remote implementation, including know-how, a team of professional, very well trained people. We are extremely pleased with the choice we made, and the fact that the implementation was done remotely did not hinder the communication between Pro Activ and Senior Software in any way. It’s like the team is here and we don’t have any kind of barrier or syncope. The chosen solutions are vital for adapting to the market dynamics.

- said Alin Ionescu, Executive Manager for S.C. Pro Activ.

Just days after the Go Live, the company noted the first results, including: securing the business, traceability, visibility and control over resources and operations.

The control area is essential and the software helps us to have control from A to Z. We no longer have the vulnerabilities we had before with the old software and this, for me, is fabulous because I can focus 100% on the business agenda. Other improvements we have noticed are related to traceability and business security.
Next, I expect to see professional improvements for employees, clearly higher performance and an increase in profitability. Due to the integration of all the information and clear data, we will think more efficiently and we will have better data analysis that will give us many answers that we did not have in the past.

- mentioned the Executive Manager of S.C. Pro Activ.


The investment in automation software came from the distributor’s desire to obtain, among others, visibility and remote control over operations, but also a better management of resources, aspects that could not be solved with the old software.

Until we ran the application from Senior Software, we didn’t have visibility in the actions we made. Specifically, I am talking about KPI, monitoring at the level of function / individual / department.
You can’t make the qualitative leap in business if you don’t have the necessary weapons, and Senior Software is the weapon Pro Activ needed to make a difference between us and the other players on the market. It is the complete tool and identifies with our “DNA”. The Go Live, for us, was the day we entered another stage, another level.

- added Alin Ionescu.

A Package of Features and Benefits

Following this implementation, Pro Activ will be able to easily perform the analysis of indicators both at the individual level and on each of the 6 departments of the company. The obtained results will be reflected in correct business decisions, cost reduction and proper management of resources in order to increase productivity and, at the same time, profitability.

The package of solutions with remote implementation includes a wide range of functionalities and benefits, among which:

Elimination of repetitive activities and reduction of human errors

Optimal planning and management of company resources

Visibility over workflows, human resources and more

Control over activities and complete traceability

Ability to edit and complete data about clients, remotely

Add orders, issue receipts and invoices

Accuracy in data transmission and processing due to the integration between systems

Carrying out receptions, returns, deliveries or inventory operations

Viewing the reports and dashboards regarding any activity, from anywhere

Access anytime and anywhere to information about customers, stocks and more

Performing KPI analyses and detailed reports, based on real data

Managing the performance and targets of each employee and automating feedback and evaluation processes


About Pro Activ

Pro Activ is a distributor of construction materials, solutions and professional systems that cover the needs of developers and construction companies in the South-East area with regional relevance in Romania, but also of individuals, through the online store – The company has 19 years of experience in the market, 57 employees and a number of 400 unique customers served monthly through its own distribution network. The product portfolio is based on collaborations with nationally and internationally known manufacturers of construction materials.