The Romanian manufacturer & distributor of Torockoi cheese: „We manage to achieve more in a shorter time, with accurate data. A+ for the program”

The manufacturer of the Torockoi cheese brand from the Transylvania region (Romania) has achieved complete traceability, better cash flow control and a more efficient market action plan after investing in an integrated software package, provided by Senior Software.

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Binal Mob – the manufacturer of the Torockoi brand, which processes more than 15 000 liters of milk daily, has simplified all factory operations and field sales activities since using Senior Software’s software solutions suite.

Using ERPfor resource management, BIfor data analyses and SFAfor sales agents, the manufacturer form the Alba county has discovered how to optimize production and distribution, how to adjust its strategy for a growing company and how to improve business relationships with its over 500 partners.

The implementation of Senior Software’s systems has brought many benefits to the company, including:

Full traceability of products

Visibility of costs and revenue

Removal of repetitive operations and reduced number of errors

Increased speed and accuracy in data processing

Detailed reports and analyses, based on relevant and accurate data

Adjustment of production processes according to market requirements

Significantly fewer returns

More efficient sales and budget plans

Improved supplier and customer relationships

„With the ERP we can achieve more in a shorter time, with accurate data. It’s an A+ program”

Thanks to the new software, the Binal Mob team knows even before the manufacturing process starts what the exact costs for realizing each product category are and what profit they will bring.

The ERP, with all its modules, helps you a lot when it comes to gaining an overview of your core business. One of the first advantages is the streamlining of repetitive tasks, you can automate most operations. It helps when you want to know how much money you make and this is fantastic. With this key element – cost – you can make decisions, you can make a sales plan, a budget.
We realized that we can do more in a shorter time and with accurate data. It helped us a lot on the traceability side. A+ for the program. It solved that problem for us.

- said Marius Chiorean, Property Manager - Torockoi dairy.

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“With SeniorSFA we simplified our way of working and significantly lowered returns”

SeniorSFA has helped the company’s sales team achieve greater speed in transmitting and processing on-site data, while giving a clear picture of sales made by each customer. Thus, sales agents register the customer’s order and immediately send it to the headquarters, thanks to the app. Once the goods are prepared, the invoice is generated simply by pressing a single key.

SeniorSFA is a very stable and responsive application, meaning that field data arrives in extremely short amount of time at the headquarters. Our work was greatly streamlined.
It has helped us to greatly optimize sales quantities, in the sense that we pay more attention to how the product performs on the market. We also have access to its historical data. This way, we were able to find out where there the problems were, what solutions were necessary, and as a result product returns have been reduced significantly.

- added Marius Chiorean.

“Based on the reports from SeniorVisualBI we produce better cheese in a more efficient way”

The cheese manufacturer claims that SeniorVIisualBI’s functionalities give access to much more eloquent data, a clear image over daily operations, as well as access to information on the position of products on the market, the business in general and Binal Mob’s partners.

We have made certain decisions based on BI reports, we unlisted certain products, we changed certain suppliers, and we became better prepared in our business: producing good, matured cheese, in a much more efficient way.
In the past few months we have been paying close attention to the reports from SeniorVisualBI. We want to see what our position on the market is and how much we sell in a certain area, how our partners perform. We can generate a list of our top clients, classified by performance, and we can see from our product list what percent of these goods are listed by each type of partner, according to their classifications. We can closely monitor this type of data and we can make better decisions regarding our future plans.

- specified Marius Chiorean.

The investment made in this software suite was done after the manufacturer visited several of his partners who were already using Senior Software solutions. Their recommendations were based on the demonstrated stability of the systems and their extensive customization possibilities. As for future plans, the company’s team will continue to focus on software developments and customization to support business imporvement and growth.