Flexibil – a much more profitable business
using systems for production from Senior Software

Flexibil has improved the entire production activity with the integrated APS and MES solutions from Senior Software. The manufacturer of anti-vibration systems has increased the profitability of the business, all factory operations are now planned in detail with a few clicks, and employees are paid according to the products they made, considering volume and quality.

Flexibil, one of the leading European manufacturers of anti-vibration systems, has optimized factory workflows and streamlined production with Senior Software solutions.

benefits obtained

Using APS system for production planning and MES for the management of production activities, the company from Maramures (Romania) benefits from:

Detailed production planning, taking into account all constraints

Optimal management of order volume, raw material and production capacity

Effective monitoring of operations, overview and total control

Full traceability of the production flows, materials used, products

Remuneration of employees according to the volume achieved and the quality of the products

Streamlining data flow and real-time access to up-to-date information

Increased productivity and shorter delivery times

Visibility on production costs / quantities / working times

Increased business profitability

Folosind sistemele APS pentru planificarea productiei si MES pentru managementul activitatilor de productie

Our customers have a method to evaluate their suppliers periodically, and from the moment we implemented MES and APS solutions, these grades have increased, especially at delivery times. Another important benefit: although the implementation took place in 2020, the profitability increased, being among the largest profit that the company Flexibil had.

By implementing MES and APS, Flexibil has achieved much better management of raw materials, production capacity, which has implicitly led to increased productivity and profitability. We have real-time control over all production flows and efficient planning of each operation. Another important benefit is the fact that we can control very well the productivity of each person, the employees being paid according to the volume and quality of the products made

2021 comunicat flexibil logo testimonial implementare productie aps mes
Daniel Borota
General Manager

Implementing APS & MES, first step towards Industry 4.0

With the help of Senior Software systems, the manufacturer manages to comply with production recipes (some products include 15-20 ingredients) and execution times, while ensuring the traceability of batches and the quality of products. The data flow has also been streamlined, with the plant currently operating at the highest level of efficiency.

MES is an open solution that lends itself easily to integration with the various systems and components within the company, being a basis for Industry 4.0, the one in which all elements communicate with each other and synchronize with each other.

Using MES, we assimilate the various new products into production much faster. We can reuse production cycles from old products, we can create combinations between products, molds and devices or work centers, we can copy production cycles from existing products.

In APS we see the number of available orders and if it is necessary to adjust the production capacity, to increase or decrease the number of shifts. The Gantt chart gives us a “helicopter view” of production, being a very useful feature. There we can see the working horizon available for different machines and when we know that we will not have to work with certain operators or certain machines, we can reallocate those resources in different locations.

- specified Nicolae Borota, Technical Director - Flexibil.

Softurile de productie - primul pas catre Industry 4.0 sisteme implementate flexibil v1

All the changes in Flexibil’s production are detailed in a video case study conducted at the manufacturer. Other factories in Romania that successfully use the production systems from Senior Software are: Ecolor, Barum, Voestalpine, Sidem, TeraPlast, TeraSteel, etc.

About Flexibil

Flexibil is a manufacturer of components and systems of anti-vibration and noise insulation technology, most of which are addressed to the railway industry. Established in 1992, the company designs, tests and manufactures rubber and rubber-metal anti-vibration systems, manufacturing more than 2,500 products with special applications. The products (compression mounts, bushes, supporting mounts and more) are exported to countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The company’s turnover is about 7 million euros.

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