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The manufacturer of Torockoi cheeses lowered times dedicated to order preparing by 40% and gained complete traceability

Discover from the video how operations are managed at the De Coltesti factory and the remarkable results gained by the producer of Torockoi dairy following the automation of its processes and the implementation of integrated software solutions for business management!

Benefits and advantages gained by De Coltesti with the MES solution:

3 hours saved daily thanks to process automation

Complete traceability, downstream and upstream

Efficiently organized operations and simplified work flows

Fewer technological losses and no more errors

Instant access to data regarding processes and operations

Reduced costs regarding orders, product movement, etc.

Shorter order preparation times, without the need for extra personnel

Respecting delivery times agreed with clients

Elimination of quality shortcomings

Simple tracking of manufacturing operations and resources

Compensating factory employees based on their performance

Increasing employee productivity

When we implemented the system for the manufacturing management system, everything started to come together and people were now somewhat more autonomous, they didn’t rely so much on others, everyone did their own thing. The MES solution helped us simplify things a lot, eliminating the need for paper from all production processes and reducing costs. Even the sales process, preparing and sending shipping to customers, involves considerably less time and the risk of quantity or batch errors has been eliminated.

Marius Chiorean, Sales Manager - De Coltesti (Torockoi).

The entire business is managed simply with modern and integrated software solutions

The advantages gained by the producer of Torockoi diary were amplified and extended thanks to the MES solution together with other business systems from the Senior Software’s portfolio, all perfectly connected solutions that allowed the integrated management of the entire business.

The company uses MES – manufacturing management software – together with SeniorERP – resource management software, SeniorVisualBI – analysis and reporting software, SFA – sales software. Through the suite of integrated software systems, De Coltesti gained complete control and visibility over all business areas. Among the results achieved by the manufacturer are:

Quick, real-time access to up-to-date data

Connected processes and increased operativity in daily tasks

Maximum transparency regarding company activities, resources and products

Clear overview and optimized decision making process

Fast reactions and improved business performance

Intreaga afacere De Coltesti, gestionata simplu cu solutii software moderne si perfect integrate

It is very easy to follow the production process and maintain product quality with the MES solution. Things happen faster, you can act almost instantly and people follow what you have defined as a framework, because they cannot deviate.

Everyone knows exactly what they have to do, and the interconnection between systems allows us to have much better transparency over production. Everything we operate in ERP, is seen in MES, and what we do in MES, you automatically see in ERP. These digital solutions prepare you for the future, i.e. they tell you exactly what you have to do today so that tomorrow you can make profit.

Marius Chiorean, Sales Manager - De Coltesti (Torockoi)

About De Coltesti

De Coltesti, renowned for its Torockoi cheeses, was founded in 1994, with the business focused on the production of cheeses and other milk derivatives. The business processes 15,000 litres of milk daily, collected from farms in the Trascaului Depression. The products are made in their factory in Coltesti, according to Swiss recipes and using state-of-the-art technology. The company has a wide range of products (cheese, soft cheese, butter, matured cheese and more), serves more than 700 partners, and delivers products to customers through its own fleet. The turnover registered by the company is about 5 mil. EUR.

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