CPM: The only corporate performance management solution with integrated Business Intelligence

Company managers who implemented the CPM / EPM solution are convinced by the benefits it brings:

The CPM suite offers budgeting and reporting functionalities in the same app and allows us to access commercial and financial data, at both profit center and company levels.

Viorica Zainescu, CFO for Romcarbon

The first thing we noticed after implementing the CPM suite was the intuitive web interface, and also the increased coherence in data, formal validations and information consolidation. At the same time, the budgeting process has been considerably simplified.

Daniela Petra, CFO for Regina Maria

The CPM suite from Senior Software gives us real-time access to information and allows us to modify it at any time. Also, budget showcasing is done in a much more user-friendly way compared to a simple Excel file.

Daniela Vasile, CFO for Porsche Romania

Being extremely easy to use, the CPM solution from Senior Software allows a simplification of the budget processing and the reduction of the time allocated. All of these are possible because of the advanced platform on which the system is developed.

phoenix contact_logo distributie 2019 campanie

Silviu Toma, Managing Director Phoenix Contact Romania

The CPM (Corporate Performance Management / Enterprise Performance Management / EPM)
solution provides you with a multidimensional environment for corporate performance
management and enables the automation of the following processes:

The CPM suite for each industry:



Food & Drinks

Pharma industry




Energy & Utilities

Discover the innovative features that no other CPM solution on the market offers

Cognitive technologies

  • Recognizes and generates natural language: Users can search for the information they want either by entering keywords in the search form or by accessing them directly from the system
  • Search-based analytics: The information needed is entered as text, and the system automatically generates a report that matches the requested requirement, along with all existing reports that match the user’s search
  • Narrating: The CPM solution generates intelligent descriptions of text and voice reports and analyses, highlighting the most important or the most interesting information that they contain
Noi modalitati de interactiune cu datele Corporate Performance Management
Monitorizarea Profitabilitatii si Analiza Business-ului pana in cel mai mic detaliu Corporate Performance Management

New ways of interacting with data

  • The new drag and drop layout, lets you instantly comprehend the displayed data and quickly change the way it is shown
  • Advanced features for self-service analyzes: Time, analytical, data insertion, or cell lock functions are available in a compact panel, making them much easier to access
  • The new main menu which is optimized for touchscreen is highly flexibility especially when accessing CPM applications
  • Enhanced Interaction: A contextual menu opens with just one click, displaying every possible interaction with the CPM solution’s objects.

Users can easily collaborate

  • Presentation feature

The users can create a customized version of the tracked reports which is saved as a live presentation that can be accessed from the user’s personal menu and shared with other users or groups of users.

  • Integrated Chat

Users can work simultaneously on the same analyzes and communicate through the integrated chat system. This functionality is complemented by the extremely easy way of creating user groups which can collaborate to take the best decisions.

Colaborare intre utilizatori Corporate Performance Management

Budgeting and business planning without troubles!

Manage the company’s budgets and reports more easily with just one system!

The system’s advanced features are efficient and easy to use, regardless of whether your employees have or not IT skills.

Drag and drop sistem cpm romania

Drag and Drop

Any type of analysis can easily be created with any type of element, from measures, to dimensions and charts using the drag and drop feature.

cauta oriunde sistem cpm

Search everywhere

Without preconfigured search paths and without you having to create logical hierarchies, the system automatically suggests all the possible ways to search for information.

Cauta in sistemele sursa soft bugetare si raportare

Search in the source system

The system’s capabilities make it possible for you to manage the data aggregated in CPMs and to directly access the information in the source systems during searches.

cauta prin rapoarte sistem cpm bugetare

Search through

The CPM system allows users to search from one report to another, providing instant views and varied analysis perspectives for the same set of data.

Modelare in timp real software raportare

Changes in real time

The system comes with a unique ability, enabling the user to change the data models during the planning and forecasting processes without affecting the user’s operations.

Valori calculate instant software raportare

Instantly calculated values

Any user can quickly create values calculated with formulas similar to those in Excel and can use them in any analysis, report, or dashboard.

Functii temporale soft bugetare romania

Time Functions

The system provides a comprehensive set of temporal functions, making historical analysis, comparisons, and data contextualization quick to carry out.

Functii analitice sistem cpm

Analytical Functions

From the traditional min / max, mean and standard deviation to advanced algorithms, functions build and improve any kind of analysis, dashboards, or reports.

Suprascriere baza de date ERP sistem cpm

Override the ERP database

The results of any budget cycle can be overridden directly in the ERP database, effectively integrating the transactional system and the planning system.

Algoritm invers soft bugetare si raportare

Reverse algorithm

The reverse algorithm extends the capability of spreading changes from the dimensions and hierarchies to the calculated field.

Atasare comentarii si fisiere software cpm

Add comments and files

The system allows you to associate any type of file (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, RTF, images) to a cell in order to complete the information.

Scenarii si versiuni soft cpm

Scenarios and versions

An unlimited number of budget versions can be generated to track the evolution of forecasts and plans over time and to compare them with the actual results.

Enjoy an increased flexibility with the advantages provided by the CPM solution

Cloud or on-premise

You can choose the one that suits your business best, with the freedom switching if and when the company’s needs will be different


The system provides native multi-lingual support, with users being able to see the same information in different languages based on their security profile


The HTML5 web technology enables users to easily deploy applications without any lines of code, and use them immediately on any device

Multi-user support

The system supports simultaneous, multi-user data insertion through a native logic function that sends the changes to every level of detail


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