Make the right decisions for your business with CPM - the company's performance management solution


Number 1 among decision-making systems

CPM or Corporate Performance Management is an integrated decision-making platform that allows organizations to analyze, simulate, plan and forecast data in a single and intuitive environment.

The main advantages that make CPM the number one decision-making system are:

Enterprise Performance Management, EPM software Romania (CPM / BPM)
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Unitary vision on the business,

regardless of the data source

The CPM system is easily connected to any database or computer system used by the company, effectively consolidating the information, and providing in a single interface capabilities of Business Intelligence, Performance Management and Predictive Analysis.

corporate performance management

The CPM solution offers the full range of functionalities that support company performance management, enabling process automation:


Planning & Budgeting

The process of planning the company budgets is more effective, safer and easier to control with CPM.


Simulation & Forecasts

The application’s predictive capabilities allow you to assess the potential impact of decisions before they are even made.


Reporting & Analysis

The fully responsive design, the wide variety of graphics available, are only a few of the strengths of the CPM solution.


Dashboard Generation

Interactive dashboards summarize the performance of your business, through amazing ways of viewing data.

What do you get by choosing the CPM solution?


time dedicated to reporting and analysis, by replacing Excel files

Increased control

and visibility into the company’s revenues and expenses

Quick access

to key information regarding the company’s activities


time dedicated to processing reports in favour of identifying solutions


time by up to 50% for organizing and processing financial data


improved decision-making processes through what-if simulations and analyses


time for creating and distributing managerial reports


workflows by organizing data from different departments

Unique capabilities that no other solution on the market has

Reporting, dashboards, planning, consolidation and simulation are based on a single data source, which generates a fair, standardized BI and performance management environment and eliminates the hassle of synchronizing separate solutions and databases.

CPM automatically detects the best algorithm to apply to a data set, based on past events. By creating competition between different algorithms, the system is smart enough to determine what will generate the most accurate forecast.

CPM is the right solution for companies in any industry

Each industry has its own challenges, work processes and specific KPIs thus needing high-performance analysis tools to discover information, reduce manual and repetitive work and last but not least, make better decisions.

The CPM solution can develop a wide variety of distinct applications, adapted to the specific needs and requirements of each industry, from dashboards and reports, to forecasts, budgets and business plans.

Cum realizezi Planificarea Integrata a afacerii cu CPM managementul performantei


How do you achieve Integrated Business Planning with CPM?

Planning plays a vital role in the success of every organization, ensuring that the right resources and capabilities are in place to meet market demands.

Despite its importance, in many companies, the planning process is done at the department or division level, completely lacking the overall vision of the company, which is really important for increasing performance.

Unlike traditional planning, Integrated Planning using the CPM solution is an ongoing process with constant reviews and adjustments.

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Discover the CPM solution and the full range of functionalities for performance management!

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Discover the benefits of CPM for each department of the company

The CPM application covers the needs for consolidation and integrated business analysis, but at the same time, it can be customized to meet the needs of each department:


CPM supports legal and management consolidation in the same integrated environment. The solution addresses the challenges that multi-entity organizations deal with: intercompany reconciliations, consolidation adjustments and group-level reporting.


In order to help human resources managers, we developed within the CPM solution a suite of 3 applications meant to increase HR performance. With their help, human resource data can be easily transformed into the right decisions for the company.


Sales performance management allows organizations to plan more effectively,  but also manage and analyze employee performance, revenue and sales areas.

CPM includes both the sales planning and the analysis component.

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Do you need more information?

Download the full presentation of the CPM Solution!

Do you need more information?

Download the full presentation of the CPM Solution!