The automotive field is dynamic, one in which companies invest collosal amounts of new technologies – think only about hybrid and electric cars, high speed trains or even self-driving cars. Their efforts, though, aren’t always supported by an appropriate technological evolution of the planning, analysis and reporting suites. The use of Excel files, unintegrated software solutions, as well as enormous amounts of data or the lack of real-time collaboration between different departments can affect financial planning, cost analysis, work force allocation and even pricing policy.

The CPM suite is the decisional platform that answers all planning, analysis and simulation needs specific to the automotive industry. It combines analysis with financial and operational forecats on every department’s level, from Human Resources and Research & Development to Acquisitions & Operations or Sales & Marketing.

The CPM solution improves the decision-making processes for manufacturers, suppliers and dealers in the automotive industry. Some of the information sources which the automotive industry should control and exploit are:

Vehicles and their components


Financial Services


Support Services

Technical Services



What does CPM offer to companies in the automotive industry?

  • Higher quality of data through the existence of a single version of the truth
  • Information from multiple systems, divisions or business units, integrated into a unitary environment
  • Dashboards, KPIs, analyses and reports in the same place
  • Advanced forecasting and budgeting capabilities
  • Standardized viewing modes and contents, which allow a simpler and faster way of comparing data
  • An intuitive solution, which is quickly accepted by employees and managers alike
  • Data overwriting or cell locking functionalities, depending on the case
  • Complex reports with minimal effort from the IT department
  • Increasing the speed of delivery of information, from days to minutes and even seconds
  • Users can create their own reports and analyses
  • Real-time access to transactional information
  • The ability to view aggregated data, up to the smallest of details
  • Multi-dimmensional analysis abilities
  • Quick transmission of information to the entire organization
  • An elaborate system, with role-based access, so that employees can exclusively see the data they need

We have chosen the CPM system because it was necessary for us to optimize our internal budgeting process. Senior Software’s suite offers us both real-time acces to information and the ability to modify it at any given time, and the showcasing of budgets is done in a much more friendlier way, compared with a basic Excel file.

Daniela Vasile, CFO for Porsche Romania

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