The information systems used by hospitals are often separated, leading to large volumes of data in multiple locations and reduced visibility over the organization’s clinical, operational and financial data. With all this scattered data, analytics solutions are essential to make sense of the information.

Combining strategy with the planning, forecasting and simulation processes, the CPM suites helps increase clinical productivity, supply chain efficiency and revenue cycles. All of this results in increased quality of services and patient satisfaction.

Within the same interactive environment of the CPM suite you can control and manage stocks, from medicine and medical instruments to equipment and fixed assets, for multiple sources and locations. The CPM’s scorecard capabilities offer comparative analyses, useful for the measuring and comparing of any component within the health chain and to produce a summary of good practices to the new locations, thus enhancing the organization’s growth.

What the CPM suite offers you:

Hospital Intelligence

Tracking the quality of care through by exploring clinical data from external and internal sources

Better understanding of the relationship between the patient’s needs, the medical personnel’s profile and the cost of care, through the analysis of patient satisfaction and the business performance of the medical staff practices

Gaining better visibility on the emergency department or the percentage of occupied beds

Reporting of hospital KPIs

Health facilities and operations

Aligning stock levels to the consumption levels, in regards to stocks planning for different locations

Avoiding inefficient purchases by monitoring stocks along the entire supply chain

The continuous adjustment based on market changes

Better inventory management through the supplier analysis which can be done up to stock unit levels

Optimization of the income cycle

A better link between costs and incomes, by analyzing the costs per doctor / medical staff / healthcare provider / operating unit, throughout the entire care cycle

More systematic and sustainable cost deductions and income comparisons on patient-level, both for hospital and outpatient data

Ensuring financial sustainability of health discounts by integrating the financial plan with the medical discounts plan

The first thing we noticed after implementing the CPM suite was the intuitive web interface, and also the increased coherence in data, formal validations and information consolidation. At the same time, the budgeting process has been considerably simplified due to the ability to initialize the company budget based on the previous year’s history

Daniela Petra, CFO for Regina Maria

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