The right medicine, at the right time and price: the improvement of the entire decisional process in the pharma industry!
The pharma industry is based more on clinical and scientific innovation, rather than on a repetitive process. Also, from both a social and economic point of view, the Life Science industry changes substantially along with: aging population and development, education boost among patients and market consolidation.

Since the initial stages and until the end of any product’s life cycle, the CPM suite helps pharmaceutical companies make better research and commercial decisions, combining analysis, planning and forecast. The CPM suite offers pharma companies the possibility to obtain clinical, operational and financial excellence and improve ties with suppliers and clients.

In order to innovate and focus more and more on the patient, the pharma industry has to profitably answer its research and development efforts, and to evolve from the traditional sales way of thinking. This implies correct management and control of large volumes of data that are spread along the supply chain.

From lab to shelf, the CPM suite improves all decision making processes of pharma companies through a single platform used for analysis, planning and simulation, helping organizations improve their research and commercial processes.
The CPM suite helps pharma companies gain clinical, operational and financial excellency, and improve their collaboration with suppliers and clients, through process optimization:

Research and Development:

Defining the most profitable mix of products by integrating project analysis, planning and forecasting

Reduce test costs by more efficiently controlling the performance of each test set separately

Aligning production levels with expected sales through the planning and forecasting of sales and operations


Obtaining more relevant information regarding operational situations within the supply chain and the logistics flow

Increase the level of detail in the distribution quotas planning and the assessment of the turnover per product

Optimization of distribution channels for branded, generic and non-prescription products

Reporting and comparing on different levels based on presentation methods (e.g. tablets vs packages)

Reducing the launch interval on the market by improving the way product compliance is tracked

Sales & Marketing:

Gaining a complete view over profit margins for products in all sales channels (chemists, discount stores, department stores, pharmacies, etc.) up to the shelf level

Integration of Sales and Operations planning with sales data provided by companies which offer data services in the health sector

Increased proactivity in the general medicine market through analysis

Improving the relationship between doctors and patients by monitoring sales campaigns and analyzing doctor-patient confidentiality

Dynamic adjustment of price strategies by integrating Promotion Forecasts with Demand Forecasts

Preserving brand value and patient loyalty through the Exclusivity Loss analysis

Senior Software’s Clients

Easily manage the company’s budgets and reports, with a single suite – Corporate Performance Management System!

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