Because they operate in a highly competitive field, retail companies are constantly forced to monitor their activity, increase efficiency and make the right decisions about merchandise assortment planning and inventory forecasting. Given that the volumes of generated data are extremely high, choosing the next strategic move is not easy at all. The switch from traditional solutions and Excel’s limitations to a unique business analysis and planning platform truly changes the situation.

After years of using non-integrated systems, retailers now have access to a solution that makes it possible to connect all forecasting, analysis and planning processes needed in order to improve the retail decision-making process.

Unlike other retail analysis systems, CPM combines business analysis with reporting software and forecasting suites, allowing retailers to increase data visibility throughout the organization. Thus, they can make better informed decisions, reduce waste, improve the efficiency of operations and increase the organization’s competitiveness.

CPM is the perfect solution for retailers who want to cover analysis and planning requirements with a fraction of the time and costs of traditional suites and which:

Have reached Excel’s limitations

Do not want to use inflexible planning and analysis systems that bring unsatisfactory results

Are in the middle of an unending process of retail business planning

Need a powerful planning and analysis solution to make their work more efficient

Are looking for an alternative that has a better quality-price ratio compared to traditional apps

Want to encourage the departmental collaboration for a unified approach to achieving business goals

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Easily manage the company’s budgets and reports, with a single suite – Corporate Performance Management System!

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