Senior Software launches HR Budgeting – a budgeting software solution for human resources

Senior Software a lansat HR Budgeting – aplicatia de bugetare pentru HR

Senior Software has launched HR Budgeting, a budgeting software system for human resources. The app simplifies budgeting, including direct and indirect cost analysis, and gives companies more control over spending and revenue. With this software solution, creating a budget for 2021 and estimating accurate additional HR cost can be done in a few clicks. HR Budgeting provides business visibility and supports increasing performance of the HR department.

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Senior Software launches HR Budgeting – a budgeting system for HR, unique in the Romanian software market. Designed to optimize budgeting processes and to increase HR performance, the solution allows companies to create salary budgets and other related costs (bonuses, premium pay etc.) in a much shorter time. With HR Budgeting, companies can generate forecasts and maximize employee’s potential, all while efficiently monitoring and controlling personnel and operational costs.

HR Budgeting from Senior Software is an all-in-one tool that combines the quick and easy generation of multiple budget versions with the analysis of variations between budgeted versus realized amounts. The app’s major benefits include: financial consolidation, increased productivity and data accuracy, as well as reduced time for budgeting and analysis.

Easy to use and highly flexible in cost center budgeting, the software has been implemented and is being successfully used in companies in various industries such as: Alliance Healthcare Romania, Westgate Romania, Regina Maria Health Network.

The budgeting process has been considerably simplified

The first thing we noticed after implementation was the intuitive web interface, but also a greater consistency in data, formal validation and information consolidation. At the same time, the budgeting process has been considerably simplified due to the ability to initialize the company budget based on the previous year’s history.

- said Daniela Petra, CFO at Regina Maria Health Network.

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Here are some of the features provided by Senior Softwares’s HR Budgeting app:

Various options for budgeting salary expenses and viewing them by specific levels: single position, department, branch, month, salary expense type

Options for building several budget versions within a year, and easily initialize a new version based on data from an existing one

Quick and easy importing of salary cost data, directly from payroll software or other external sources (e.g.: Excel)

Options of budgeting direct and indirect costs, in addition to the net salary

Dividing costs according to their specificity and options to easily add new types of costs

Automatic calculation of fixed costs based on cost drivers introduced in the application

Automatic calculation of Profit & Loss lines related to salary costs, based on special formulas that take into account the values entered in the system

Dashboards with variations of type Planned budget vs. Realized budget can be viewed at any desired level of detail

Budget data can be displayed in tables or in relevant charts, easy to follow and distribute

The annual preparation of a salary budget and other HR expenses involves a complex, time-consuming process, in which you must take into account a great number of variables and which involves all departments within the organization. To simplify such activities and give companies more control over costs and revenues, we launched HR Budgeting – a budgeting application for HR.
The software makes it possible to plan and correctly align the organization’s objectives to the workforce and skills of each employee, simplifying and streamlining budgeting processes. The HR Budgeting app is an essential tool for those businesses that rely on human capital for success. Decision makers in HR receive useful information to ensure that the right decisions are being made at the right time.

- said Daniel Toma, General Manager at Senior Software.

HR Budgeting is one of the three HR applications provided by Senior Software, essential for companies that understand performance in HR requires continuous improvement supported by automation:

HR Budgeting – Budgeting for HR
HR Performance – Performance Management
HR Analytics – KPI Analysis