REGINA MARIA reduced by 50% the time spent
on budgeting and HR analysis, using the performance
management solution from Senior Software

REGINA MARIA Healthcare Network manages human resources budgets using a HR performance management system developed by Senior Software. The company has cut up to 50% of the time spent on HR analysis and budgeting operations. The software solution is customizable and easy to use, provides control, flexibility & mobility.

The REGINA MARIA healthcare network makes quick and detailed reports on human resources, using the HR Software Analysis & Budgeting solution from Senior Software. The private medical services operator has over 7,500 employees and collaborators in over 200 locations, and the software provides visibility into salary expenses and budgeted positions, in a structured way.

Analysis & Budgeting

The major time savings, the increased control over budgeting processes and salary costs are only a few of the benefits gained by REGINA MARIA using Senior Software’s solution.

As a result, the private healthcare operator reduced the working time as follows:

50% less time for current data import

50% less time for analyzing multiple budget versions

50% less time for analyzing budgeted costs vs. realized costs

50% less time for transferring budgeted positions

sistem software bugetare si raportare business intelligence

The solution enables us to have a better control over salary costs and budgeted positions, to work with multiple budget versions, to communicate easily with managers & with the Controlling Department and to increase the performance of our HR managers. Automation has significantly contributed to streamlining the process, by avoiding calculation errors and by shortening the working time allocated before centralizing data at a Group level, analysis and all stages necessary to obtain the final version of the budget.

Irina Somanescu
HR Director, REGINA MARIA Healthcare Network

Prior to Senior Software’s HR budgeting software, budgeting operations were performed in Excel and budget information was distributed via e-mail to budget holders. Currently, REGINA MARIA’s operators track and manage in real time all salary costs, using an integrated and intuitive solution.

The implemented budgeting process is customized according to our business needs and the system interface is intuitive. Costs are calculated automatically based on formulas registered in the application, which saves time for all users. Our managers, who are also budget owners, have permanent access to the platform and can observe in real time the budget versions that are in progress or have been approved.

- added Irina Somanescu.

Budget holders may use the platform anytime & from anywhere. The mobility provided by the solution allows users to complete tasks without being constrained, which is a significant benefit, particularly for those who work from home and must adhere to a fixed schedule.

About REGINA MARIA the Private Healthcare Network

REGINA MARIA Healthcare Network was founded in 1995 and it is specialized in providing private medical services. Currently, the group has over 200 locations and the number of employees and collaborators exceeds 7,500. With a turnover of 237 million euros, REGINA MARIA is the first operator to introduce in Romania the concept of medical subscriptions for companies.

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