Light Candel Art optimized its logistics activity and reduced order preparation times by 30%

Light Candel Art streamlined company workflows with the help of integrated systems from Senior Software. The candle distributor from Ilfov has easy and real-time access to any business information, optimally manages stocks and quickly processes a large volume of orders.

Light Candel Art considerably reduced order taking and preparing times, organized their warehouses and now have an improved decision-making process thanks to the help of ERP, BI and WMS systems, from Senior Software. Thanks to the use of these perfectly integrated solutions, the candle distributor with a turnover of 125 million RON, benefits from a well-organized and uninterrupted work flow. The automation helped improve employee productivity and customer satisfaction and eliminate human errors while also increasing sales.

Prior to their partnership with Senior Software, the Light Candle Art team faced multiple challenges. The distributor did not have access to updated data, could not accurately estimate stock requirements, nor could not optimally manage the increased volume of goods, and the preparation of orders was difficult. In addition, the incomplete reports, issued late and without guaranteeing the data accuracy, affected the company’s development plans. All these situations were solved following the implementation of SeniorERP – ERP software for resource management, SeniorVisualBI – BI software for reporting and data analysis and WMS – warehouse management software, from Senior Software.

beneficii obtinute de light candel art cu solutii software din romania

Senior Software’s solutions have helped us overcome the difficulties of recent years. […] The BI, based on data from ERP regarding prices, sales, suppliers, customers, helped us to make forecasts as accurate as possible and to ensure the required stock in a period when you couldn’t really estimate anything.

WMS allowed the optimal organization of warehouses and the lowering, by at least 30%, of order preparation times. In the year following the WMS implementation, with approximately the same number of employees, we had a 40% higher turnover and also increased profit […]. The Senior Software systems are perfect for our business and without them I don’t think we would be able to function anymore.

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Ciprian Zeca
CFO - Light Candel Art

With BI, the Light Candel Art team can analyze data from ERP to track the detailed status of sales, which can be broken down by product groups, suppliers, customer types, etc. In addition, the company can issue the most accurate forecasts regarding demand and stock requirements, even several months in advance. The WMS system has significantly contributed to the efficiency of picking. At the same time, thanks to the links between the WMS and ERP systems and the online sales platforms, customer orders are received and prepared in a short time, maintaining data accuracy.

Without WMS, we probably would have had many dissatisfied customers. The software shows us at any time where each item is stored and in what quantities. Before this, there were situations in which parcels were prepared up until 9 or 10 in the evening, and now, even in the middle of the season, this does not exceed 7, it rarely reaches 7.30 […]. After our employees got used to the WMS […], the increase in sales was exponential.

- added Ciprian Zeca, CFO - Light Candel Art

About Light Candel Art

Founded in 2008, Light Candle Art sells candles, scented sticks and aromatic oils, the products distributed being both from its own brand – LCA, as well as from suppliers such as Bispol and Bolsius. In general, their distribution is made to big stores and hypermarkets in Romania. The company has a warehouse with a capacity of 10,000 pallets, a staff of 70 employees and a product portfolio with 1,000 SKUs. The online sales channels used are: and Trada Marketplace.

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