Supported by integrated systems from Senior Software, SensoPRO Milano has doubled the number of orders processed

One of the largest online retailers of cosmetic products in Romania, SensoPRO Milano, operates thousands of orders daily, without errors, thanks to the ERP and WMS solutions from Senior Software. Following the integration of the two systems, the company gained a better management of the supply, storage and sales processes, managing to double the number of orders delivered daily both in Romania and in countries such as Bulgaria and Hungary.

SensoPRO Milano, a top distributor in online cosmetic products market, has streamlined its business with integrated ERP and WMS systems from Senior Software. The company has benefited from a complete transformation of the way it carries out its activity, moving from pen and paper to automated and connected processes.

With a portfolio of over 16,000 products and sales coming from 4 own online stores and 5 marketplace platforms, SensoPRO Milano registered an impressive evolution in order volumes, after it started using SeniorERP – ERP software for resource management and WMS – software for warehouse management, from Senior Software. The number of orders shipped each day has doubled, the distributor reaching over 3,000 parcels and up to 7,000 orders processed at the peak of the season or during promotional campaigns.

Before implementing the ERP and WMS systems from Senior Software, our shipping capacity was of around 1 500 orders per day. Now, we managed to double this number, processing over 3 000 orders each day and up to 7 000 in high season or or during various promotions, such as black Friday.

SeniorERP allows us to manage business in an integrated way, giving us instant access to critical data. The ERP system gives us a complete view over operations, orders, stocks dynamics and financial & accounting indicators, while at the same time automating a series of time-consuming processes. On the other side, with the help of WMS we have a clear understanding of stocks and their locations, we can accurately plan supplying, and employee performance was greatly improved, picking times being lowered by 50%.

Regarding the connection between the two systems, I can say that the ERP functions as a brain, while the WMS is the strength of the arms. Both work in perfect synchronization. […] The two programs function as a mirror, and their architecture allows us to manage all our activity in a single place.

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Viorel Haiducescu
Sales Manager - SensoPRO Milano

benefits gained

Some of the advantages gained by the company following the use of ERP and WMS systems are:

Easy adaptation to the specific fiscal requirements of both domestic and foreign markets

Synchronization of kit composing, which can include up to 80 products, with the demand, respectively the sales orders in the system

Automation of picking activities, by integrating the WMS solution with hands-free barcode scanning devices, such as pocket and ring scanners

Quick identification of products and full traceability of stocks

Centralized resource management and optimization of work processes in all departments

Access to accurate and updated data in real time

beneficii obtinute de sensopro milano cu sistemele Senior Software Romania

The support offered by Senior Software’s team is a fundamental pillar of our business strategy. […] this partnership allows us to reach our development goals having at our disposal a strong market leader […], which guarantees our business’ growth. Also, the moral support we receive is another key element, having the conviction that we are on good hands and that we can find efficient solutions for any challenge.

- said Ionut Ecobescu, CEO – SensoPRO Milano

The distributor now wants to expand to more foreign markets and consolidate its position both in Romania and outside the country’s borders, a development that will be supported by Senior Software systems.

About SensoPRO Milano

The company offers a varied array of cosmetic products for manicure, epilation and make-up. They are available under the company’s two own brands, SensoPRO Milano and LUXORISE, as well as under other internationally recognized brands. The products are sold in Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria, through marketplace platforms and through the retailer’s online stores, respectively,,,

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