Spy Shop automated the entire sales flow and reduced picking times by 80%, using Senior Software systems

Spy Shop, leader of the Romanian online market in the security systems distribution, has connected all workflows and optimized logistics and sales operations with perfectly integrated systems from Senior Software. The automation of processes in the company using flexible and customizable management software brought the distributor efficient management of stock and orders, major time savings, profitable sales strategies and satisfied customers.

The distributor of security, monitoring and surveillance systems, Spy Shop, secured its position as a top player in this segment of the online market in Romania using state-of-the-art technologies provided by Senior Software. Since it started using high-performance software for automating and connecting processes, the company accelerated its development and tripled its turnover, currently reaching 20 million euros.

For the logistics area, the company from Timisoara uses the WMS system from Senior Software, with the help of which it optimized its operations in the 4 warehouses and accurately manages a stock worth over 5 million euros. Thus, the distributor obtained remarkable results, such as:

Optimizing the space and routes in warehouses

Lowering picking times by up to 80%

40% reduction in order processing time

60% improvement in inventory accuracy

Training of new employees in 5 days, compared to several months in the past

Decrease of the return rate by about 40%

implementarea sistemelor erp si wms in cadrul spyshop

Before the implementation of the WMS system, a lot of time was wasted searching for products in warehouses and, thus, not being efficient, the orders could not all go to the customers on the same day and they ended up being displeased most of the time. In addition, the departure of an experienced picker from the warehouse had a negative impact on us, because hiring a new person required an accommodation period of several months so that he could learn the logic according to which we arrange the products.

After the implementation of the WMS system from Senior Software, all these problems we were facing ended up being solved, and the list of benefits obtained is a very long one. This software helped us to shorten the routes in the warehouse by 40%, to quickly identify products, to significantly reduce human errors and on many other aspects. In the century in which a digitized company is one oriented towards the future, you can’t help but see the value of a warehouse management system.

Florin Maritescu
CEO - Spy Shop

Multilingual, scalable and customizable, the WMS system used by Spy Shop is perfectly integrated with SeniorERP, resource management software, 100% Romanian, previously implemented in the company and connected to the distributor’s online store.

”The system helped us become number 1 in Romania”

Thanks to the capabilities of the systems and the connection of the processes, the distributor managed to solve the business challenges that hindered the development of the business and to make the entire sales process more efficient, from the placing of the order to the delivery of the products to the customer (VIDEO). At the same time, with the ERP data analysis and reporting tools, Spy Shop was able to harness on relevant business information quick and easy. Thus, the retailer from Timisoara can easily anticipate certain market situations at any time, generate accurate forecasts and conceive more effective sales strategies to discover new business growth opportunities.

Before the implementation of the SeniorERP system, we did not have a very clear picture of the customer profile, of the profit margins on certain group of products and product categories, and we could not control our evolution 100%. The biggest challenge for us was the fact that we were using many applications that were not integrated, an issue that led to delays in orders and differences between accounting and what we had in the operational process. After the implementation, things became much clearer, allowing us to establish future strategic objectives. We know what each customer segment buys, we know where we are profitable and we can determine the product categories and the key products in which to invest in the future.

Looking back, we came to the conclusion that the systems provided by Senior Software were the best option and helped us become number 1 in Romania in the security market segment.

Florin Maritescu, CEO – Spy Shop

When choosing the software provider, the feedback from the market given by companies that already used Senior Software systems mattered most to Spy Shop. Also, through this partnership, Senior Software has consolidated its position on the Timisoara market.

About Spy Shop

With over 15 years of experience, Spy Shop is a distributor of security, surveillance and monitoring equipment. The company from Timisoara has a varied range of products, from over 40 brands, which it sells through the online store spy-shop.ro. The distributor has a team of 75 employees, a distribution network of over 2.000 installers and owns logistics spaces with a total area of ​​5.000 square meters.

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