Verdon Solution: “With SeniorERP we process orders quickly, with very little to no error”

One of the pioneers of the online agricultural trade in Romania, Verdon, has optimized its business processes and obtained increased control over business, as a result of using modern systems, which allow the automation of work flows and the connection of different business areas. With the help of ERP and BI software from Senior Software, the distributor operates hundreds of orders daily, without errors, has a simplified invoicing method and has real-time access to complex analyzes and reports.

With a turnover of around 40 million RON, the company benefits from connected work processes and has increased control and visibility over its business since it replaced the old computer program with modern solutions: SeniorERP – ERP software for resource management and SeniorVisualBI – Business Intelligence software for analysis and reporting, from Senior Software.

Thanks to the perfectly integrated software systems, Verdon optimally manages its stocks, operates customer orders without problems and easily outlines effective business strategies by using updated information and the most accurate forecasts. The company’s processes were also improved as a result of connecting the systems provided by Senior Software with the distributor’s online store and, at the same time, with the warehouse management program which is developed internally by the Verdon Solution team. Thus, the company benefits from an uninterrupted workflow and maximum accuracy.

Positive changes appeared immediately after the implementation: well-defined workflows, completing an order at an accelerated pace, simple management of partners, customers, orders, stocks, sales, but also of accounting, including e-Invoicing. Data transmission is easily done from one system to another, which helps us process orders quickly, with very little to no error. Without SeniorERP we would not have been able to process such a large volume of orders. It helped us the most in organizing the company in one system[…].

It is very important to surround yourself with people who know what they are doing and have a vision for the future, such as those from Senior Software, who are capable, know the business law and accounting aspects and understand your vision, offering you exactly the technology you need to develop.

Verdon Solution si-a optimizat procesele de business cu ERP si BI
Claudiu Taranu
CTO - Verdon Solution


The company efficiently manages the 7,000 items in its portfolio and processes hundreds of orders a day with just a few clicks. Some of the benefits that Verdon has registered with the Senior Software systems are:

Receiving and processing orders in a much shorter time

Increased efficiency in everyday activities

Automation of business workflows

Quick access to information of interest, updated in real time

Generation of complex reports and analyses

End-to-end control and visibility over the business

beneficii obtinute de verdon solution cu sistem software erp si business intelligence

The great advantage offered by SeniorERP is the fact that we can manage both types of orders for which we have stock and those for which we do not have enough stock […]  Invoicing is extremely simple, done with just a few clicks.[…]. We have successfully integrated the ERP system with the PrestaShop platform, but also with the WMS program which is developed in-house.

From ERP we can also generate reports that are of great help with decision making, and here BI comes with a plus, in the sense that it is much easier to graphically visualize a report. It is very important that, once you customize a type of report, it changes in real time, chronologically. We have thousands of products in our portfolio, unique codes, structured by categories and subcategories, and the fact that we can generate detailed reports helps us a lot.

Adrian Blaga, CEO - Verdon Solution

About Verdon Solution

Verdon Solution started its activity in 2014 and specializes in the distribution of products intended for agriculture and landscaping. With a storage area of 2,500 square meters, the company from Sibiu (Romania) sells through the online store a varied range of products, such as: seeds, pesticides, fertilizer, gardening tools, machines and tools for construction and landscaping.

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