Senior Software’s business has grown by 20%

Senior Software ended 2018 with a turnover increase of 20% and started 2019 with the launch of SeniorERP’s latest version, its most sought after suite. Also last year, Senior Software implemented modern suites, customized after their clients’ business needs, for companies such as:, Ocean Fish, TeraSteel, Royal Compters and many more.

senior software logoSenior Software, the only software supplier from Romania which offers a complete package of integrated business management suites, had a turnover of over 24 milion RON in 2018. Compared to 2017, the company’s business increased by 20%, and their profit was also higher by approximately 25%.

“In 2018, we’ve introduced customizable integrated suites to the market, in order to help sustain key players from various industries. In addition to the flexible software suites, which are based on internationally tested technologies, we’ve also made available for companies interested in automatization a wide array of performant equipment, from world renowned producers. One of them is Zebra Technologies, which in 2018 has awarded us with the Premier Business Partner status”

declared Daniel Toma, CEO of Senior Software.

The company’s client portofolio has grown in 2018, adding companies from various industries, with both local and international economical impact. Thus, the suites and equipment supplied by Senior Software have brought numerous benefits to businesses, like:

Royal Computers – increased order shipping accuracy to over 98% and employee productivity by 35%, thanks to the automations offered by the WMS suite.. – registered a 30% increase in efficiency by using the WMS suite in the biggest book warehouse from Romania, processing up to 12,000 orders daily.

TeraSteel – increased operational performance by 10% afer the first month of using the APS suite in the Romanian and Serbian factories.

Koh-I-Noor – registered an increase of over 80% in online sales and ProfiArt’s sales are also up by 30%, both companies using the E-Commerce platform.

✅ Ocean Fish – processes over 12 tons of products each day thanks to the WMS suite, and new warehouse employees are integrated in 2-3 days.

“Going further, we plan to offer the best software solutions available in Romania to all companies interested in digitalization. On this note, we just launched a new version of our resource management suite, which boasts a series of new and useful functionalities”.

- added Daniel Toma

Recently launched, the latest version of the SeniorERP suite brings a modern interface and a much more intuitive menu. Thanks to the integrated customer relationship management web app, the suite allows users to prioritise tasks and add information about partners, products, orders and opportunities, from anywhere.