Barum Automotive will plan its entire production with the APS solution from Senior Software

Barum Automotive manufacturer has chosen the advanced planning & scheduling system (APS) from Senior Software, a modern software for improving production performance. The company from Timisoara (Romania) decided to use this solution to optimize medium and long term planning for large volume of orders.

Barum Automotive, a company that is part of the BARTH Group from Germany, acquired the APS solution from Senior Software to streamline the planning of production activities and improve the use of resources in the factory.

With a turnover of over 7 million euros, Barum Automotive is a manufacturer of parts and components made through metal-cutting processes, used in automotive, construction and many other industries. The management team of Barum Automotive decided to invest in a modern APS system because, without automation, production planning could be done only for the current day.

In the absence of a software system, the production planning could only be done for one day. Therefore, we decided to implement the APS solution from Senior Software because we want to be able to easily plan, on a short and medium term, a large volume of orders, on several machines. The presentation of the system’s capabilities and the benefits that this solution can bring convinced us to start the partnership with Senior Software

Sorin Frentoni
Production Manager

Using the APS system from Senior Software, the manufacturer from Timisoara aims to gain important improvements for the factory, such as:

Easy and efficient production planning, based on the availability of resources and staff training

Rapid generation of new production plans in case of various changes (new orders that require priority, equipment in need of urgent repairs, short-staffed situations, etc.)

The use of resources in a more efficient way and the fluidization of production activities

Optimizing working and organizing times

Increasing employee productivity and quality in production

Improving data accuracy

Efficient planning of maintenance processes

Improving relationships with customers and partners

laptop productie screenshot aps advanced planning and scheduling program planificarea productiei

Next, we have planned a series of technology transfers and several new projects are underway. So far, the collaboration with the Senior Software team has gone very well and we expect APS to do what it knows best

- added Sorin Frentoni.

APS system – successfully used in various branches
of production from Romania and abroad

TeraSteel, TeraPlast, Ecolor, Flexibil, Kober and Voestalpine are some of the other companies that have chosen the APS system from Senior Software. With the help of APS, they know exactly what to produce, when to produce, with what people and on what machines and equipment.

Among the main benefits mentioned by the companies that already use the production planning solution from Senior Software:

Increasing the production capacity by over 10%

Applying real-time changes in the production plan

Remote planning of factory resources and operations

Replanning up to 500 orders in maximum 15 seconds

Rapid testing of different production scenarios

Ensuring communication and a continuous flow of data by integrating APS with other software systems

Planning the supply and adding or adjusting orders with a few clicks

Eliminating downtime and financial losses

Increased flexibility in activity and traceability in the relationship with clients

Control over the business and an improved market position

sistem APS – optimizare capacitate productie, programarea productiei

About Barum Automotive

Part of the BARTH Group from Germany, Barum Automotive has a factory in Timisoara (Romania) that produces parts and components made by metal-cutting technique. Since 2004, the company has split from Barum Technik and operates independently. The parts processed by Barum Automotive are used in the automotive industry, in ships and wind turbines, in manual processing equipment and in construction. The company has a team of over 280 employees and has a turnover exceeding 7 million euros.

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