Kreativ: “If I didn’t have the solution from Senior Software, I wouldn’t have survived the difficult moments of all these years”

Kreativ overcame business challenges and developed at the desired pace, using integrated systems from Senior Software. With the help of ERP, Business Intelligence and B2B software, the company accesses updated and accurate information at any time, including on mobile devices, efficiently manages the 15,000 products in their portfolio and delivers orders in a much shorter time.

Kreativ, a business focused on the distribution of professional tools and installation materials, has been using systems provided by Senior Software for over 10 years. The company from Satu Mare (Romania) realizes integrated business management with the following solutions: SeniorERPERP software solution for resource management, SeniorVisualBIBusiness Intelligence software for data reporting and analysis and SeniorB2BB2B portal for business to business online sales.

With a turnover of 9 million euros, the distributor has a portfolio of around 15,000 products from well-known suppliers in Europe, the USA and Mexico, and Senior Software solutions has helped manage the business efficiently, successfully overcoming market challenges.

Integrated Software Systems

Kreativ gained numerous benefits with the help of integrated solutions for business management, such as:

Visibility and increased control over business

Optimizing work processes and improving customer relationships

Real-time access to accurate and up-to-date data

Complete traceability of products

The ability to generate complex reports and analyses

Elimination of errors and shortening of work times

Fast receiving and processing of orders

Improved decisional process

Compania Kreativ a obtinut numeroase beneficii cu ajutorul solutiilor integrate pentru managementul afacerii

With the help of the mobile ERP app, the sales agent can provide customers with real information related to stocks and prices, about their financial status […] I can say that receiving and shipping orders is much faster now.

Data exporting and processing, the ability to track invoice history logs and client statuses, as well as the evolution of a product and its trends on the market, along with the ability to make forecasts regarding orders are other important aspects gained with Senior Software’s systems.

logo kreativ com testimonial implementare solutii software erp
Attila Simon
Managing Director – Kreativ

With the help of the e-commerce platform, the distributor can make the sales process even more efficient, improve customer relationships and increase the number of delivered orders. In addition, the BI system allows the company to obtain a complete picture of the entire business, as well as of the business direction it must follow.

We have behind us an integrated solution and a reliable partner with whom we have been collaborating for over 10 years. […] Senior Software really listens to our customers’ requests and adapts all solutions according to the company’s needs, making them much easier to use, much more viable and stable for the future. […] If I didn’t have the solution from Senior Software, I wouldn’t have survived the difficult moments of all these years.

- added Attila Simon.

Supported by perfectly integrated software solutions, the distributor has successfully overcome challenges related to processing large volumes of data, gaining visibility of information and optimizing work processes.

About Kreativ

Kreativ distributes professional tools and installation materials at a national level. With a portfolio of around 15,000 products and a turnover of 9 million euros, the company is active on the Romanian market through four divisions: Novapex – sanitary, heating and HRV ventilation installations, Bolman – accessories, equipment, electric and manual tools, DIY – do-it-yourself products, Online Stores – SculeShop and Shopinstalatii.

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