One of the vegetable suppliers for Romania’s largest retailer
manages its business with SeniorERP

Nu Oricum Serv, one of the companies that supplies a top Romanian retailer with vegetables, optimized its activity and recorded major time savings by using Senior Software’s SeniorERP system. The supplier obtained better resource management and improved communication with IKA, generating business documents with a single click.

Nu Oricum Serv, a company that supplies Romania’s largest retailer with vegetables, streamlined its activity after replacing its previous systems with the SeniorERP solution, an ERP software for resource management, from Senior Software. Thanks to the integrated business management system, the company can optimally manage its resources and information exchanges with IKA, thus gaining major time savings and increased control over the business.

With its headquarters in Dambovita (Romania), Nu Oricum Serv has a turnover of around 8 million euros and distributes phytosanitary products, seeds, greenhouse items, being at the same time a producer and supplier of fruits and vegetables. The company’s leadership decided to implement the SeniorERP system, since they needed a powerful software with the help of which they could overcome business challenges and develop the company.

The old system didn’t allow automatic data and document processing, which put us in the situation of processing them manually. […]. Therefore, we were looking for a user-friendly system with an intuitive interface, which would be adapted to our needs and could automate the operational processes. We decided that Senior Software’s ERP system was the right solution for us […].

With SeniorERP we gained […] a better use of human resources and errors that could occur through the manual operation of documents have been reduced to zero […]. It gives us control over sales prices, over the business […] An extremely important benefit is the integration with IKA customers’ software applications. I can say that the EDI functionalities in SeniorERP are a gold mine for us, because they have actually made our work easier. In the 3 months since we have been working in ERP, we have greatly reduced the time spent on document operation. Here I can list the exchange of data with EDI, the consumption receipts for used packaging, which are now issued with a single click. […]

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Ionut Draghici
Logistics Manager - Nu Oricum Serv


Among the many benefits that Nu Oricum Serv gained with the help of the SeniorERP system from Senior Software, we count:

Increased control & visibility over the entire business

Elimination of repetitive manual tasks and of operating errors

Shortening of work times for various operations

Quick access to any information of interest

Data updated in real-time

Increased employee productivity

Increased traceability and operability for day-to-day tasks

Increased control over sales prices & raw material consumption

beneficii Nu Oricum Serv obtinute cu ERP de la Senior Software

The Nu Oricum Serv team also uses the SeniorHR system from Senior Software, a human resources solution through which all HR activities are efficiently managed.

On the HR side, personnel administration, timekeeping and payroll are key processes, and with Senior Software’s HR management solution, we have them all in one place, which significantly reduces the time needed to manage these processes.

- added Ionut Draghici.

The supplier has set out to build a new temperature-controlled logistics center and a vegetable processing factory in the near future, a development that will be supported by Senior Software’s systems.

About Nu Oricum Serv

Starting as a family business, Nu Oricum Serv was founded in 2004 and distributes phytosanitary products, seeds, vegetables, fruit and articles for greenhouses. The Dambovita (Romania) based company also produces vegetables, having a 16-hectare farm.

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