Supported by Senior Software, the online distributor Corect 2000 processes hundreds of orders daily without error

Corect 2000, a business that sells electronic devices online, has streamlined operations after implementing the SeniorERP and SeniorVisualBI integrated systems from Senior Software. The company processes hundreds of orders per day from the eMAG platform quickly and accurately, and time spent on invoicing has been reduced from several weeks to a few hours.

Corect 2000, online distributor of electronic devices, has streamlined operations and gained major time savings after ditching its old management software and implementing a modern, integrated solution. The company now uses SeniorERP, integrated with Senior Software’s SeniorVisualBI data reporting and analysis software.


Among the benefits Corect 2000 has experienced as a result of using Senior Software’s ERP solution are:

Faster and more accurate order processing

Efficient management of inventory, returns and the service area

Improved commercial relationships with customers and suppliers

Integrated management of financial and accounting activities

Accurate filling in and generation of tax returns

Major time savings

beneficiile pe care le-a inregistrat corect 2000 ca urmare a utilizarii solutiei ERP de la Senior Software

With a turnover of about 24 million RON, the distributor sells a wide range of electronic products through its online store and the eMAG platform, with accurate inventory management and simplified order taking and processing being among its main concerns. These and many other issues have been solved with the implementation of SeniorERP, the integrated business management software provided by Senior Software.

Corect 2000 benefits from the automation of data transfers between the new ERP software and the eMAG platform and thus processes hundreds of orders daily without errors. The integration between these two platforms facilitates the automatic association of payments from the collection slip with their related invoices and, implicitly, the settlement of balances, while providing traceability and accuracy regarding the entire invoicing process.

The most important aspect gained from using SeniorERP is that invoicing is done much faster. Previously, the identification of payments sent by eMAG and their association with each invoice was done manually […].

Now, thanks to the integration of the ERP system with eMAG, such operations are carried out […] in just a few hours. We process as many as 400 orders daily, […] everything is imported automatically, invoiced automatically, without any errors.

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Horia Petrutiu
Sales Manager - Corect 2000

Prior to the partnership with Senior Software, due to the old software’s limitations , the company was facing difficulties in terms of inventory accuracy, export of invoices, as well as completing and generating fiscal declarations according to legal requirements.

Now, with SeniorERP, we have the accounting part integrated in the system, we successfully submitted the 406 Statement and and we manage the entire business optimally. Another important plus is that we can launch orders to suppliers much faster and we know exactly what products we need. The new solution from Senior Software helps us to establish the most precise merchandise requirements, taking into account, among other things, the most accurate sales predictions for the next period. Nowadays, without an integrated ERP system you can’t cope with the problems that arise in this field.

- added Horia Petrutiu.

About Corect 2000

Founded in 1998, Corect 2000 initially operated in the constructions and installations market, and since 2016 has started online distribution of a wide range of products, such as electronic devices. Among the products sold by Corect 2000 are: surveillance cameras, smartwaches, gaming products, toys, maintenance and body care products, household items, car accessories and others. Sales are made through the company’s own online store,, and the eMAG Marketplace platform.

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