The distributor Vet Diagnostic increased business profitability with Senior Software`s solutions

Vet Diagnostic has optimized their distribution activity by using the integrated ERP, SFA, BI and B2B ecommerce systems from Senior Software. They have helped achieve major time savings on various operations and optimal management of promotions and sales strategies. The accelerated development of the business in recent years has helped to create new jobs and to double the company’s turnover, to 6 million euros.

The distributor of medical devices and equipment for veterinary use, Vet Diagnostic, has increased business performance and gained many benefits with the help of integrated systems for business management provided by Senior Software. The systems used by the company are:

  • SeniorERPERP software for integrated resource management
  • SeniorSFASFA for sales agents management
  • SeniorVisualBIBI software for data analysis & reporting
  • SeniorB2BB2B portal for business to business sales


ERP software for integrated resource management


SFA for sales agents management


BI software for data analysis & reporting


B2B portal for business to business sales

The partnership with Senior Software began as a result of recommendations from other companies that have been successfully using business automation solutions offered by the provider. Vet Diagnostic managed to double its turnover, which in 2021 reached 6 million euro, growth to which both Senior Software solutions have made a major contribution, as well as the strategies and other investments made by the distributor.

With the ERP solution, but also with the other integrated systems from Senior Software, it’s like going from a 2-wheeled to a much more powerful 4-wheeled vehicle. […] The systems, that are intertwined and linked to each other, offer a complex but easy to use solution, both for those in the office and those in the field.

We have considerably reduced working times and we have quick access to information and reports that can be customized according to our needs. We have on average about 100 orders per day and, due to automation, we save around 45 minutes per order with processing.

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Andrei Vernica
Shareholder - Vet Diagnostic


By using Senior Sofware’s systems, the distributor has managed to grow business and to create more jobs. In addition, Vet Diagnostic have obtained multiple benefits, such as:

Simplified process for products entry and invoicing

Issuing invoices for medicines in compliance with legal provisions

Access to update inventory

Increased number of orders delivered in the same time frame

Efficient management of promotions and sales strategies

Control and visibility over the entire business

software erp beneficii implementare vet diagnostic

All relevant data and information regarding the business processes can be easily analyzed with SeniorVisualBI. Thus, by using the analysis software, Vet Diagnostic managers can track a series of indicators relevant to the company, such as sales volume of a particular product and the share of that product in the manufacturer’s portfolio, profit rate and other KPI.

When I saw what major improvements the BI system brings to the company, I wondered why we didn’t choose this solution earlier. It is very useful and much more interesting to work with a Business Intelligence system, besides ERP.

It helps us a lot with the correct evaluation of relationships with suppliers, and in generating sales reports – which are customised by agent, region, manufacturer, using several criteria at the same time and are much easier to use.

- added Andrei Vernica.

For the future, the company’s managers proposed to further streamline the sales process and improve product promotion with the B2B ecommerce portal.

About Vet Diagnostic

Vet Diagnostic entered the veterinary products market in 2008 and specializes in the import and distribution of products for pharmacies and veterinary practices. The business distributes a wide range of veterinary products, such as: medical devices and equipment, medicines and medical supplies, supplements and vitamins, products for farms.

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