The manufacturer Mirdatod estimates its business to increase
to a turnover of 20 million euros with Senior Software’s systems

Mirdatod Prod, manufacturer & distributor of cheese & other daily related products, implemented the SeniorERP and SeniorVisualBI systems, through which they have lowered work times & costs. Thanks to the optimization of their operations, Mirdatod estimates an increase in turnover to 20 million euros in 2022.

With over 27 years of experience in the cheese industry, Mirdatod Prod is famous for its “Telemea de Ibanesti” product. Along the years, the family business encountered numerous challenges, especially related to access to information, which were all later solved after implementing the ERP and Business Intelligence software systems.

The benefits of implementing the SeniorERP & SeniorVisualBI systems:

Instant access to defining information;

Increased visibility & control over the entire business;

Significant reduction of costs & work times.

Currently, with ERP from Senior Software, everything is much easier, reports & information come way faster. We’ve implemented even the ability to take orders on tablets, which allows the sending & visualizing of inventory in real-time. The system is of great help in the production area as well, because it offers, in just a few seconds, exact data regarding raw materials, consumption, quantities and absolutely everything regarding manufacturing. Compared to our previous way of operating, the difference is astronomical.

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David Todoran
Administrator of Mirdator Prod

Currently, Mirdatod Prod has 2 active factories, where 80 000 liters of milk are being processed daily, collected from over 4 000 farmers. Considering the significant volume of production, the company wouldn’t have managed to easily identify & quickly fix the problems that can occur, without implementing a suite of integrated software systems. More so, thanks to Senior Software’s solutions, MIrdatod Prod saved time & money, thanks to the complete management of manufacturing and to the complete traceability of products, from raw material until the finished product.

Very important, maybe even the most important, are the benefits registered in the manufacturing area. Here, any error regarding work methods, technology, essentially everything, can be seen within the hour and in the next hour, measures may be taken. Without software like this, decisions are usually taken in a week or two or maybe even a month, time in which the company loses money. Now, problem fixing is done much faster and with much lower costs.

- added David Todoran

In 2021, Mirdatod Prod achieved a turnover of 13.5 million euros. Analyzing the results already gained with the help of the Senior Software solutions, the manufacturer estimates they will reach a turnover of 20 million euros in 2022. Moreover, the Mirdatod Prod team has begun collaborating with an American company, which means that the products from the Mirdatod Prod factories will be present on the USA market.

About Mirdatod Prod

Mirdatod Prod is a family business founded in 1995 that manufactures & distributes cheese & other dairy products. The company became famous on the Romanian market through their “Telemea de Ibanesti” product, the only Romanian product attested with DOP, characteristic recognized on European level. Mirdatod Prod has 185 employees & owns 2 factories, in Ibanesti & Reghin. Products, such as: cheese, bellows cheese, butter, kefir etc.) are sold both locally & internationally.

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