Cipcos Mar is managing its business with
ERP & BI from Senior Software

Cipcos Mar, manufacturer & distributor of building materials from the Arges county, replaced the old business management systems with the integrated solutions suite from Senior Software. The chosen ERP & BI solutions contributed to operations automation and streamlined the activity of the company’s 190 employees.

As the Cipcos Mar business is continuously growing, reaching a turnover of over 38 million euros, management had to go for a advanced & flexible software suite, which can support the company’s growth & allow efficient management of all resources.


Among the benefits gained by Cipcos Mar following the implementation of the SeniorERP – ERP system for resource management & SeniorVisualBI Business Intelligence software for data analysis, we can count:

Accessing data related to inventory, clients & suppliers in real-time

Automated transfer of inventory & raw materials to finished products

Streamlining of operation times and of manufacturing & distribution processes

Gaining increased control over costs

Analysis of the evolution of sales & profitability based on supplier, product group or individual products

Increasing employee productivity

Full visibility over the entire business

Cipcos Mar isi gestioneaza afacerea cu ERP si business intelligence

With thew new ERP, we have much more clearer & precise reports regarding each department’s productivity and the activities done, in optimal time […] The BI data analysis system came as a supplement to the ERP and offered us quick access to reports & analyses, which required longer time in the old system.

Marius Constantin
Owner of Cipcos Mar Complex

Along the SeniorERP & SeniorVisualBI systems, the building materials company also implemented SeniorHR (with which they simplified the way in which the company manages workforce related aspects) & SeniorB2C (through which they simplified all operations related to online commerce).

About Cipcos Mar Complex

Cipcos Mar Complex was founded in 1994 and its main fields of activity are the production of metal tiles and metal gutters and the distribution of construction materials. The business addresses both companies and individuals. The company’s suppliers include: Wienerberger (Porotherm), Elpreco, Saint Gobain Weber, Rigips, Isover, etc.

Cipcos Mar started the collaboration with Senior Software as a result of the positive feedback provided by one of the company’s partners, who was already using a solution provided by them.

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