For modern organizations, managing large volumes of data is part of everyday business, and and this is no different for construction companies that are in charge of creating and managing the environment we live in and work with.

More often, the link between different business systems is done through Excel files, which are prone to errors because of their disconnection from the data source and the lack of control over how they are manipulated and shared. In order to analyse, simulate and plan efficiently, constructors need a suite that unifies multiple data sources and provides support for decision-making, not just simple alert centres, and the CPM suite offers this.

Unlike other software used in the constructions industry, the CPM suite incorporates, in a single platform, all analysis, simulation and planning requirements of construction companies, providing the visibility needed to transform large volumes of data into useful information and to increase performance, so that operational and business results are maximized.

The CPM suite, functioning on an extremely intuitive drag & drop interface, allows the easy development of dedicated analysis applications for constructions, helping companies to increase transparency, visibility and efficiency for each step of the construction.

With the CPM suite, construction companies can efficiently plan, analyse and simulate:

Financial data:

Portfolio analysis, operations analysis, lifecycle management, cost allocation

Profitability analysis and forecasting of entities, geographic area, building and project forecasting

Strategy management, processing and workflow management

Risk management

Activity performance:

Efficience of performance from aggregate level down to individual resources and assets

Financial consolidation

Unified management of assets, resource planning, contract and SLA management

Legal and internal reporting:

Legal reporting

Management reporting

Exception reports for non-integrated systems

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Easily manage the company’s budgets and reports, with a single suite – Corporate Performance Management System!

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