MONTE BANATO: ”Through customized reports from ERP,
we can now easily save around 2 hours per day”

Pangram, the manufacturer of Monte Banato pasta streamlined its business by using Senior Software’s integrated systems suite for business management, made out of ERP, BI and SFA. The company easily overcame challenges, increased control over costs and cash-flow and gained higher work speed, managing manufacturing and distribution resources with ease.

The manufacturer of Monte Banato pasta, leader on the pasta with eggs market in Romania, optimized its entire business with Senior Software’s integrated systems. Pangram has a turnover of over 10 million euro and produces each day 40 tons of pasta and over 2.5 tons of crackers. In recent years, the company increased efficiency in all business segments with the help of the integrated and connected processes.


Monte Banato, the pasta manufacturer, started using Senior Software’s solutions 4 years ago, thus simplifying operations and eliminating the company’s major issues.

The systems used by the company are:

SeniorERPERP software for integrated resource management

SeniorVisualBIBI software for data analysis & reporting

SeniorSFASFA for sales agents management

Some of the processes optimized by Monte Banato with Senior Software’s solutions are: tracking the production plan and calculating production costs, collecting and sending orders, billing and inventory reservation and managing marketing budgets.

siteme erp bi si sfa implementate de catre producatorul monte banato pangram

In the process of tracking the production plan, through customized reports from ERP we manage to save 2 hours/day with ease, any information being just a few seconds away. SFA gives us the great advantage of being a solution integrated with ERP. The integration of the solutions means real-time functionality and human errors in communication completely disappear. Our sales teams has fast access to everything about inventory, budgets. Everything happens in real-time, including sending orders.

We use the BI solutions in two direction, in the sales area and the financial area. We can track the effects of promotions which we launch and manage promotion budgets and see how much those budgets are used up. On the financial side, this have simplified incredibly much.

Liviu Semenescu
General Manager - Pangram - Monte Banato

What challenges did Monte Banato overcome with Senior Software’s solutions?

Up until the collaboration with Senior Software, the manufacturer’s main issue was that the old ERP did not have any development perspectives and it caused various issues, such as: the lack of accurate data, of visibility over inventory and planned production, etc

Using software solutions from different providers caused a series of problems, such as the generation of erroneous prices, incorrect application of promotions, and so on.

With Senior Software’s solutions, our problems started to disappear, like after taking a painkiller. The list of benefits is quite long and continues to grow each day. We have benefits on all segments and levels.

An important benefit brought by the software solutions is the reduction to almost zero of the quantities requested by clients that remained unshipped. The system’s workflow helps eliminate human errors and optimizations are both on the sales side […] as well as on the logistics and production programming side. In the supplying area we can make purchasing foresights. Before, we had delays in tracking the evolution of costs and we had delays up to a month in updating production costs, while presently this is done in real-time and we have an immediate overview of variations […]. The latest benefits are tied to budgeting, to closing a month and doing P&L reports, where you can immediately see what costs were not billed

- added Liviu Semenescu

About Pangram – Monte Banato

Founded in 1994, Pangram became known on the Romanian market through the Monte Banato brand. The manufacturer brought for the first time, on the local market, the concept of pasta with eggs. The company’s activity is based on both the production and distribution of Monte Banato pasta and crackers. The company also distributes the Italian brands Colussi, Misura and Agnesi.

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