Spyshop.ro, the retailer with a portfolio of over 100.000 products, optimizes its business with SeniorERP

The online market leader in security equipment distribution has decided to automate the company’s processes for increased management accuracy, greater control over workflows and detailed reporting. This is why Spyshop.ro chose the integrated software solutions from Senior Software, and the first benefits were observed shortly after implementation.

Spy Shop, leader on the Romanian online market in the distribution of security, surveillance and monitoring equipment, uses the intuitive and flexible SeniorERP and SeniorVisualBI systems to automate the business.

With over 100.000 products in its portfolio, permanent stocks and a network of stores dedicated exclusively to security systems, the Spy Shop distributor wanted for the new software to easily integrate with the e-commerce platform already existing within the company.

The choice to invest in Senior Software solutions was made due to the distributor’s desire to increase accuracy and control over operations and to keep pace with market dynamics. Being flexible and intuitive, the software offers a major advantage by anticipating certain situations and adapting quickly to frequent changes in the economic environment.

The integration capability, along with the advanced functionalities of SeniorERP and SeniorVisualBI, offer the user a clear overview of the business. Thus, in addition to optimizing workflows, the Spy Shop team will be able to improve business strategies through complex analysis and realistic forecasts, all generated in just a few clicks.

We want a constant and healthy growth based on the needs of our customers, Senior Software being the only solution that can help us automate processes and increase productivity and order processing speed. Also, with Senior Software we have the possibility to analyze in more detail all the activity.

Automation is one of the most important elements for developing companies and those who don’t take it into account, will not last long. The market is constantly changing and not just in our security niche; there are always new producers, new products, the competition is growing.

- said Sergiu Dangulea, General Manager of Spy Shop

Sergiu Dangulea General Manager Spy Shop comunicat senior
The implementation was done mostly remotely

The collaboration coincided with the isolation period, which is why the implementation was done mostly remotely, with a minimum of physical interaction, respecting the necessary recommendations for the safety of both teams involved in the project. However, the first results didn’t take long to appear: orders processed correctly and much faster.

Given the restrictions due to COVID, the implementation went very well, even beyond expectations, taking into account that almost 90% of the implementation was done remotely. There have been many integrations and automations between ERP and our online store. Things are going well. The results are good, we have made progress both in reducing the order processing time and in reducing the errors generated by our team.

- added the Spy Shop representative.

The partnership with Senior Software was the result of two important aspects: the vast experience of the software supplier and the multiple successful implementations for top businesses

Over time we have used several applications for both management/billing and accounting, and we wanted to bring all these applications in one place. We chose to collaborate with Senior Software due to the easy communication and the fact that they are very open to our many requested changes, so that the application can fit our business. I confidently recommend both the ERP and BI solutions, as well as the team.

- added Sergiu Dangulea.

The success of the project and the rapid delivery of the desired customizations were based on the solution capabilities and the involvement of the implementation team, but also on Spy Shop’s dedication in the process of moving the company to a new level of automation.

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About Spy Shop

Spy Shop is a regional brand in the retail and distribution industry of security systems, being a leader in the online profile market in Romania. Based in Timisoara and with 12 years of experience in the field, the distributor has a diversified portfolio of equipment from over 500 brands such as Acvil, Dahua, Cerber, DSC, Axis, Hikvision, etc. The products are sold through a network of stores dedicated exclusively to security systems, and through the spyshop.ro store.