VITACOM has redefined work processes and gained increased flexibility with the help of SeniorXRP

One of the most important distributors of electronic products and accessories in Romania, Vitacom Electronics, has automated most of its processes and manages all sales channels in an integrated way with the SeniorXRP system from Senior Software.

With a turnover of approximately 10 million euros, Vitacom Electronics, a top distributor of electronic products and accessories, manages approximately 12,000 items, which are sold through various sales channels, both in Romania and in countries such as Bulgaria and Hungary.

In 2021, the company from Cluj invested in the latest hardware technologies and integrated solutions for business management. With the help of the SeniorXRP system – ERP platform from Senior Software, Vitacom managed to redefine its workflows, automate multiple operations and shape the company’s processes according to business needs.

I think that SeniorXRP is a very good solution and today we could not do without this application. The technology is much more flexible and responds very well to our needs.

A very important thing is that we no longer have to conform to very strict models. We have redefined our processes, simplified and made them more efficient […], they are very accessible and we can easily make improvements.

logo vitacom actualizat implementare seniorxrp
Vasile Andrei Vita
General Manager - Vitacom


Among the benefits obtained by Vitacom, as a result of investing in technology, are:

Increased accuracy and speed in order processing

Increasing flexibility in carrying out activities

Integrated management of sales channels

Quick access to data of interest

beneficiile obtinute de catre Vitacom ca urmare a investitiilor in tehnologie

SeniorXRP is perfectly integrated with WMS – for warehouse management and SeniorAWB – for optimizing deliveries, two other solutions from the Senior Software portfolio. WMS controls the systems and robots in the Vitacom logistics center, for the optimal execution of warehouse order processing processes. At the same time, SeniorAWB makes it possible to quickly identify the most suitable courier for each individual order. Thus, Vitacom manages to obtain control and visibility over the entire business.

SeniorXRP is integrated with WMS and SeniorAWB. Thanks to the connection with WMS, orders from SeniorXRP are sent quickly and correctly to the picking area, to be prepared for delivery, and any information about products and inventory, the satus of orders from the warehouse and more, is easily visualized in the ERP. The delivery solution is also a very good one.

- mentioned the general manager of Vitacom Electronics.

SeniorXRP is a web-based ERP development platform developed by Senior Software that is aimed at companies who aim to easily manage resources, large volumes of data and complex business flows. The solution has an extremely intuitive interface and includes extensive ERP, WMS, CRM, document management and B2B portal functionalities, all found in a single application. Among the companies that use the SeniorXRP solution are Nett Front, RCB Electro 97, RAP Confectionery, etc. Among the most appreciated features of the SeniorXRP system by Senior Software clients are: flexibility and mobility, integration with any existing application, customization possibilities and more.

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