Agroland, supported in the order management process by
Senior Software solutions

The largest network of agricultural stores in Romania optimized its activities and increased sales with the help of integrated ERP and B2B systems from Senior Software. Agroland thus gained a better product exposure on the website, faster order processing, and the relationship with customers improved.

Agroland, the company from Timisoara that owns the largest network of agricultural stores in Romania, has increased sales and optimized the company’s workflows with the help of integrated systems from Senior Software:

SeniorERP, an ERP software for resource management

SeniorB2B, an ecommerce platform for business-to-business sales

We were already using SeniorERP from Senior Software, therefore we chose to expand the collaboration, the use of integrated systems from the same provider being an important criterion for us. Both solutions make our activity easier, and the major advantage is that the order part has been automated, which has resulted in all the other benefits

agroland client senior software ecommerce b2b business to business
Valentina Balan
Project Manager

The most important changes observed by the Agroland team after the system implementation are:

Workflow automation, resulting in time savings and increased accuracy

Improving communication with partners and increasing customer satisfaction

Support in the process of increasing sales and much faster processing of orders

Reducing errors and efficient management of company resources

Correct and real-time updating of all essential data for business processes

Increased visibility for the products listed on the website and their detailed exposure

Transparency and complete traceability of commercial transactions

agroland erp ecommerce b2b monitor sisteme senior software screenshot 2021

“B2B helped us move from e-mail orders to automated orders, with very fast ERP transmission and immediate generation of invoices and notices. We have greatly shortened the time and streamlined the activity, eliminating human errors.

Additionally, everything is clearer and more transparent. Customers have a clear image of all product ranges, place their own orders and have access to their history, while products have a better exposure and we can attach images, product details. We recorded increases in sales, and the B2B solution contributed to this aspect.”

– added the company representative, Valentina Balan.

Agroland – a top business supported by a modern ecommerce platform

With an experience of about 25 years, the Agroland company registered in 2020 a turnover of over 38 million euros, increasing by 33% compared to the previous year. With the new functionalities available in the B2B ecommerce platform, the Agroland team:

automatically takes the client’s contractual information (invoice history, due date, balance, credit limit, payment term)

has access to synchronized stocks

uses the full commercial policies for each ERP partner

easily sends the orders to the ERP for processing

quickly accesses order history for each user

The ERP system and the B2B e-commerce platform for partners, within Senior Software’s portfolio, are also used successfully by other Romanian companies such as: Viamso, Ravenol, Aspad, Sano Vita, Bico Industries, Consolight, Mirdatod Prod, Sipex Company etc.

About Agroland

Agroland Business System is a business from Timisoara, founded in 1997. At the beginning, the company focused on selling products for animal raising, and along the way, the company’s portfolio diversified. Currently, Agroland owns the largest chain in Romania of specialized stores on gardening, pet care and hobby farming segments. The products are marketed both directly through traditional stores and online through the virtual store.

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