Aspad approximates a 20% increase in sales with Senior Software solutions

The Aspad distributor in Bucharest estimates a 20% sales increase 12 months after implementing the integrated software suite from Senior Software.

Aspad COM implements a software system package to improve the 4 main sales channels. The chosen software is provided by the Senior Software team:

  • SeniorERP – ERP software for resource management and sales growth
  • SeniorVisualBI – Business Intelligence system for data reporting and analysis
  • SeniorB2C – online platform for B2C commerce
  • SeniorB2B – online platform for B2B commerce
  • HR – for human resources management


ERP software for resource management


System for data reporting and analysis


Online platform for B2C commerce


Online platform for B2B commerce


For human resources management


The SeniorERP system has already been implemented, and after only a few weeks the Aspad team mentions the following improvements:

Simpler workflows for field sales people

More efficient supply flow for the procurement department

Rapid generation of reports and declarative obligations to the state

Mobility and quick access to information for sales agents

Elimination of telephone calls between office employees and field agents

Automatic calculation of bonuses for sales agents

Centralization of trade policies

Simpler bidding process

Issuing due notifications to the client

imagine comunicat aspad com senior software implementare erp romanesc

For me, the ERP acquisition means the whole package: ERP, BI, B2B and B2C. Therefore, we were looking for a supplier who can deliver a complete solution. I researched the software market in detail and found Senior Software. We also followed the case studies and feedback from those who already use the systems. Following this investment, we expect to see a 20% sales increase at the end of a 12-month period.

Cristina Lopata
Obiective Aspad dupa implementarea pachetului complet de softuri

Aspad objectives after implementing the complete software package

With the implementation of Senior Software solutions, Aspad has set clear objectives such as:

About 20% increase in sales in the first 12 months

Efficient organization of departments

Integration of workflows between departments

Greater visibility on the profitability of trade relations

Access to information anytime and anywhere for sales agents

Inventory optimization

Detailed sales analysis and reporting

The most accurate predictability of the sales potential

Improving relationships with customers and business partners

The benefits of automation and integrated software for Aspad

Prior to collaborating with Senior Software, most Aspad operations were done manually, and certain activities such as submitting information, filing tax returns, making reports, or updating product data consumed too much time and resources.

Now these processes have been automated and we have saved time. Intrastat, the declaration regarding the packaging, the integration of the online store with the ERP – these are situations that are done automatically. In addition, sales agents make their own orders, can see customers, sales and revenue situation, stocks and price lists. Things are much simpler

- added the CEO of Aspad.

About Aspad COM

Founded in 2000, Aspad COM is an import and distribution business for automotive and industrial maintenance products. The company has a central warehouse in Bucharest and distributes nationwide through the sales team. In 2020, the company had a turnover of over 4 million euros.

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