SeniorERP increased by 80% the time dedicated to customers by VIAMSO employees

With SeniorERP, the time dedicated to customers in the showroom increased by 80% for the Viamso team, a construction materials retailer. After only two weeks of using the ERP system, managers say it has brought them greater benefits than they expected.

Viamso is a company from Cluj County that has increased the time dedicated to the customer from 50% to 90%, in just two weeks thanks to an ERP software provided by Senior Software.

Before the SeniorERP implementation, the sales operations were done manually, being prone to errors and time consuming. Thus, the construction retailer Viamso decided to automate its repetitive activities with the help of an ERP software adapted to the specific needs of the company.


After only two weeks of using the SeniorERP solution, Viamso noticed benefits such as:

80% increase in customer time in the showroom

Less time dedicated to processing goods and orders

Relocation of employees to the actual sales process

Greater employee mobility

Better data accuracy

Quick access to real-time information

After only 2 weeks from Go Live we already see significant process improvements. Merchandise and order processing times are much shorter, and this helps us relocate our resources to what really matters: the end customer.

Before SeniorERP, each person in the showroom took care of the customer about 50% of the time and the remaining 50% was allocated for orders, purchases or product negotiation. Now the proportion is somewhere around 85-90% for the client.

Alin Moldovan
Development Manager

The SeniorERP mobile application simplifies the whole sales process

The SeniorERP mobile application has facilitated the company’s sales operations, and Viamso employees can instantly view and edit customer data, orders, prices or stocks. The application can be accessed from the browser or can be installed on any Android phone or tablet.

On the Mobile ERP side, things worked very well from the first moment. The interface is very friendly and our colleagues managed to work with it. We have stocks and orders that we can issue from the tablet, we have pictures of products, price lists and many other things that we could not access in the showroom before. The application helps us a lot.

- added Alin Moldovan.

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