increased online sales by 20% with SeniorERP

With the SeniorERP system from Senior Software, saved thousands of lei per month and increased online sales by 20%. implemented the SeniorERP system in order to gain more control over the business. After only a few months, the shoe retailer saved over 15,000 lei / month by eliminating the need to reward customers as a result of canceled orders.


In addition, with the ERP software from Senior Software, the team:

Saved over 4 hours / day by

automating activities like making NIR, generating invoices, importing courier notes, etc.

Increased online sales by 20%

through efficient stock control and access to accurate information

Increased the number of orders processed daily

from 500 to 800 compared to the period when all processes were carried out with pen and paper or in Excel

Reduced orders with problems

from a few hundred to about 3-4 orders / month

Thanks to the SeniorERP contribution, online sales increased by 20%, exactly what we needed in the pandemic year. With ERP we gained trust, control and a lot of time. Only on the NIR side we saved somewhere around 2 hours a day, and that means a lot. In addition, the system has allowed us to accelerate and invest more in marketing campaigns. In one year, through the automation given by SeniorERP, we manage to save significant amounts of money.

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Nicolae Slav


Other benefits observed by the team after automation

The SeniorERP solution was integrated with two other software used by the (an ecommerce platform and a warehouse management system). Thus, communication, data retrieval and information update now happen much faster.

At the same time, team noticed many other benefits after automation:

Increased work capacity without supplementing the number of employees

Higher data accuracy

Full visibility on stocks

Synchronization and updating of data in real time

Elimination of repetitive manual operations

Reduced number of human errors

Increased level of customer satisfaction

Automatic order validation

Higher visibility on courier receipts

Greater control of delivery times for orders from suppliers

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