Sipex Company optimized its business with integrated systems from Senior Software

Sipex Company, one of the largest construction materials supplier in Romania, streamlined and developed its business with the help of performant software solutions from Senior Software. Thanks to these systems, the company gained increased visibility over the business, major time savings and increased cost control.

Sipex Company has optimized its business with the help of a flexible and integrated systems package from Senior Software. With a turnover of 59 million euros, the company owns 12 logistics centers, a fleet of around 200 vehicles and plans to open new work points. As of 2022, Sipex shares have been traded on the AeRO market, and the distributor plans to transfer to the main Bucharest Stock Exchange market and continue its development with the support of solutions offered by Senior Software.

The company purchased the following systems from the software solutions provider’s portfolio:

SeniorERPERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software for resource management

SeniorVisualBIBusiness Intelligence software for data analysis and reporting

SeniorSFASFA (Sales Force Automation) software for sales force automation

SeniorB2B – ecommerce B2B business-to-business platform

With ERP, times have improved along the entire operational line. We streamlined every transport and we keep costs under control. We can always carefully analyze if, what, when or how much we need to order, depending on the inventory turnover we want and other criteria. The most important thing is getting reports in real time with SeniorVisualBI, which is a magnificent solution. We can track sales per agent, per area, per product type […].

It is proven that Senior Software helped us a lot in our development. We want to continue to develop, we intend to open other work points and we will definitely find support in our partner to achieve these new goals.

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Costin Gheorghe
CFO - Sipex Company


Until the beginning of the partnership with Senior Software, most of the processes in the company were done manually, which was resource-intensive and error-prone. With the automation of business processes, Sipex Company was able to overcome the challenges and manage the entire business in an integrated way. The first changes from the use of Senior Software systems could be seen by the distributor shortly after implementation, and with time the company gained more and more benefits.

Among the results Sipex Company has recorded with Senior Software systems are:

Real-time visibility over the entire business

Greater control over costs and how resources are used

Generating complex reports and analyses

Increased productivity and performance of field agents

Improved trade relations with partners

beneficii obtinute de sipex company cu sistemele Senior Software Romania

The implementation of the SFA eased our activity and made it very efficient. Our agents go to the field and can see inventory statuses on their tablet, in real time. They can make stock reservations and quickly place orders. Then, operators take the respective orders, generate and send the delivery document to the warehouse employees, after which the goods are prepared and loaded into the cars. Then, the notices or invoices that accompany the goods are generated. The B2B solution also brought important benefits to our business. Many partners were delighted to see the status of their orders at any time, what quantity was ordered […].

- added Costin Gheorghe.

About Sipex Company

With more than 26 years of experience in the market, Sipex Company offers products and complete solutions for the constructions industry, ranking 2nd nationally in this segment. The company sells through 3 channels: traditional retail, B2B and online, and has a staff of 300 employees. The distributor has in its portfolio brands such as Ceresit, Rigips, Isover, Weber, Cesarom, Swisspor, Austrotherm, Baumit, Porotherm and more.

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