State-of-the-art systems and robots in the Vitacom warehouse, controlled with the WMS solution from Senior Software

Vitacom Electronics, top distributor of electronic products & accessories, invested in state-of-the-art technology for warehouse management, managing to become one of the most modern logistic spaces in Romania, thus entering the Logistics 4.0 movement. The systems and robots used by Vitacom in the Cluj warehouse are coordinated by the WMS solution from Senior Software, and among the benefits gained we count the shortening of work times for different operations, increased employee productivity but also total control of operations.

Vitacom Electronics, one of the largest distributors of electronic products and accessories in Romania is managing its logistics operations, from reception until shipping, by using state-of-the-art technology. Two years ago, the company moved in a new logistics center, with a surface of 5,000 square meters, having a storage capacity that is 10 times larger. With a turnover of over 10 million euros, the distributor from Cluj manages around 12,000 articles, from which around 9,000 are always in stock.

Vitacom is among the few companies in Romania who’s warehouses benefit from a high degree of automation and automated processes, that are part of the Industry 4.0 / Logistics 4.0 current. Vitacom’s logistics center has performant systems and robots that are coordinated by WMS – software for warehouse management, from Senior Software. This integrations helps streamline order processing, guaranteeing increased work speed, accuracy in day-to-day operations, together with increased visibility and total control over logistics.

In 2021 we moved to the new warehouse that we manage with WMS from Senior Software. The solution is integrated with the AutoStore robotic system – which automatically directs the carousels with bins, in which the products are stored, and with a VNA forklift – dedicated to the handling of goods, both receiving orders from the WMS. It is a system used in all logistics activities and allows us to have high control and precision in everything related to moving goods.

We brought everything that was best from the perspective of automation and I can say that the flows are totally different from what we had in the old warehouse. Currently, we are talking about a compact area that makes colleagues’ activities very efficient, a warehouse operator being able to carry out 150 orders per hour, which is a lot. In addition, in case of errors, we can quickly identify and fix them in the shortest possible time.

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Vasile Andrei Vita
General Manager – Vitacom Electronics


Vitacom now has the possibility to increase the order processing capacity up to 10 times

Before investing in modern technologies, a series of operations in Vitacom’s warehouse were carried out by 28 employees, in more than eight hours, and currently, the same tasks are carried out in a shorter time, with only 11 employees. Although the activities in question are performed with fewer operators, Vitacom’s management emphasized the fact that the total number of employees was not lowered, the difference in personnel being directed to other business areas, so as to bring added value to the company. Also, as a result of moving to the new warehouse and investing in hardware and software solutions, Vitacom now has the opportunity to increase their order processing capacity up to 10 times.

Along with WMS, Vitacom also uses from Senior Software’s portfolio: SeniorAWB – software for optimizing deliveries and SeniorXRP – ERP platform for resource management. The warehouse management solution and the software dedicated to delivery processes are perfectly integrated with SeniorXRP, which sustains the integrated management of business flows.

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Thanks to the link between WMS and SeniorXRP, orders are quickly and correctly sent to operators to be prepared for delivery, and any information about products and inventory, the status orders in the warehouse and more, can be easily viewed in ERP.

We do both picking and packing in the same area and WMS helps us control warehouse flows, and the integration with other solutions allows us to eliminate errors and increase efficiency. Once the automatic closing of boxes has been achieved, thanks to the integration with SeniorAWB, a courier is immediately selected, and the risk of confusing parcels is eliminated. At the same time, I mention that we can get the best courier depending on the area and why we want it, if we follow the price, the delivery time or a ratio between the two.

All processes in the logistics center are very stable and extremely precise. I wouldn’t change anything in the implemented solutions and I think that, if I had to choose other solutions today, there would be nothing better.

- added Vasile Andrei Vita.

What Vitacom’s fully automated warehouse looks like and how the workflows managed with software WMS are currently developed – these are aspects captured in the VIDEO WMS case study, carried out at the distributor of electronic products and accessories in Cluj.

About Vitacom Electronics

Vitacom Electronics was founded in 1991 and it imports and distributes electronic products and accessories. The company has a staff of 85 employees and a logistics center in Cluj. Among the products sold by Vitacom are: phones / tablets, household appliances and spare parts, security / home automation systems, power / distribution sources, audio / video products, gaming accessories, etc. Well, Uni-T, Goobay, Nedis, PeakPower, Samsung, Siemens, Whirlpool, Xeno and Philips are just some of the brands found in Vitacom’s portfolio.

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