Biodeck, supplier of sustainable packaging, operates hundreds of orders daily and plans to enter the international market, by using Senior Software’s solutions

With integrated software solutions, Biodeck, distributor of sustainable packaging, processes hundreds of orders daily, with ease and error free, and will soon enter the international market. Their products are marketed through the online store provided by Senior Software, which is seamlessly integrated with business resource management, warehouse management and business data analysis systems, from the same vendor.

Biodeck, a company that provides the Romanian market with sustainable packaging made from plants, has simplified and improved the way it does business, following a partnership with an integrated software solutions provider – Senior Software. With a turnover of around 17 million euros, the distributor of biodegradable and compostable packaging has automated the majority of its business flows. Thus, the company manages to develop business at an accelerated pace, currently working on expanding distribution internationally.

Currently, Biodeck is using the ecommerce platform B2B & B2C from Senior Software, for local business-to-business and business-to-consumer online sales. Furthermore, the company plans to offer access to the portal to customers abroad.

By using Senior Software’s ecommerce solution, Biodeck manages to process hundreds of orders daily without errors. Orders are quickly placed by customers on the online platform, which is directly integrated with the ERP and WMS solutions, and are delivered the next day after placement.

At the moment, we are preparing the platform for cross-border sales to access international markets. We want a platform that is stable, secure, easy to translate into multiple languages – we want to offer a good user experience

Diana Chitu
Marketing Director - Biodeck

Integrated software solutions

In addition to the online sales portal, the company also uses other solutions from Senior Software:

SeniorERP – ERP software for resource management

SeniorVisualBI – BI software for reporting, analysis & data visualization

WMS software for warehouse management

By using seamlessly integrated systems, the distributor has real-time access to data of interest, centrally manages company resources and has optimised workflows across all departments.

By integrating the online store with ERP, WMS and BI solutions, inventory information displayed in the ecommerce platform is synchronized with that in the warehouse, and customers have access to up-to-date order history, pricing and inventory. Also, the customers can easily track the status of pending orders. Because data is transmitted automatically and accurately from one system to another, orders are taken and processed quickly and smoothly, and they are delivered faster. Reporting and data analysis, made possible with the Business Intelligence system, allow the company to get a clear view of the whole business and the direction it needs to take.

integrare magazin online cu solutiile software ERP WMS si BI

We needed an organization of company resources, a centralizer of all departments: purchasing, sales, accounting, customer relationship management and Senior Software came up with the solution compatible with our needs. The complexity of Biodeck’s activities required a high-performance ERP solution, and the SeniorERP system is able to respond effectively to the challenges of the field, providing scalability and enabling business growth.

Using multiple business solutions from the same vendor, i.e. Senior Software, is a guarantee of seamless integration of workflows in the company. Using integrated ERP, WMS, Ecommerce and BI systems, we have a unitary way of working for all departments and, of course, an optimisation of processes.

- added Diana Chitu.

Adapting the solutions to the business’ specifications and the legislative framework in Romania, as well as enabling EDI integrations with customer and supplier platforms, were some of the elements that determined the start of Biodeck’s partnership with Senior Software. Equally important were: the ability to manage large volumes of data and provide post implementation support & upgrade services.

About Biodeck

Founded in 2017, Biodeck is a positive impact company specializing in providing innovative solutions for the circular economy. The company offers packaging solutions for food and beverages and all of the products are made from renewable resources. The activity is based on an ongoing concern to identify new methods and ideas that make businesses more sustainable. The distributor provides its customers with a full range of eco friendly, biodegradable and compostable packaging based on plant content.

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