Laguna Serv has optimized its business with integrated systems from Senior Software

Laguna Serv, one of the largest producers of upholstered furniture in Maramures (Romania), obtained control and visibility over its business, with the help of an integrated software solution, for work process automation and business performance analysis. Consisting of ERP and BI, from Senior Software, it allows the manufacturer to operate hundreds of orders daily, analyze the company’s financial situation and identify new business growth opportunities.

With a turnover of about 15 million euros and a space of 35,000 square meters, the company from Maramures (Romania) produces upholstered furniture, which it distributes both nationally, through its own network of 25 stores, and internationally, in countries such as Hungary and France. In 2022, the manufacturer Laguna Serv replaced its old business management system with SeniorERP – ERP software solution for resource management and SeniorVisualBI – Business Intelligence software for analysis and reporting, from Senior Software.

We were looking for a solution that would give us greater visibility and control over the business, allow integrated management of resources and sales channels, and provide real-time access to detailed reports and analytics. Therefore, we gave up our old ERP software and now use a solution that suits our needs, consisting of the SeniorERP and SeniorVisualBI integrated systems from Senior Software.

We process hundreds of orders on a daily basis without errors and have real-time control over raw material inventory. We can also obtain reports that give us centralized information on the financial situation and we can analyze and monitor each store individually to determine profitability.

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Alina Kertesz
Assistant Manager - Laguna Serv


Laguna Serv has obtained numerous benefits with the help of integrated solutions for business management, among which are:

Increased visibility and control over the entire business

Access to centralized information regarding the company’s financial situation

Individual monitoring of stores, to determine their profitability

Eliminating the risk of errors and shortening of work times

Elimination of repetitive manual tasks

Efficient management of supply orders and inventory of necessary raw materials

Generation of detailed reports and analyses

Improved decision-making process

Laguna Serv a obtinut numeroase beneficii cu ajutorul solutiilor integrate pentru managementul afacerii erp si bi

All the company’s data of interest can be easily analyzed with SeniorVisualBI, with the help of which Laguna Serv managers can create the desired reports and dashboards, any relevant information being able to be added through a simple drag-and-drop.

The company has proposed to improve the relationship with B2B partners in the next period, giving them the opportunity to follow in real time the status of orders, documents and the evolution of production, from the moment the orders are sent to the factory, until the delivery of the product.

About Laguna Serv

The Laguna Serv company was founded in 1994 and is one of the most important manufacturers of upholstery and upholstered furniture in Maramures (Romania). The company carries out series production (95%) and unique production (5%), for individual clients but also for the HoReCa industry, the products being sold both nationally and internationally. With a team of 200 employees, the business operates in a space of about 35,000 square meters. The products are sold through online platforms and through our own network of 25 physical stores.

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