Senior Software extends its operations
in Western Romania

Senior Software, the supplier and developer of software solutions for integrated business management, opens a branch in Timisoara. At the moment, the company operates through its offices in Bucharest, Cluj, Constanta and Iasi. Timisoara’s branch will be in charge of providing solutions to companies, located in Western Romania, in the need of digitalizing their business.

Senior Software, supplier, developer and integrator of high-performance systems for business management, opens a new branch for which it is looking for dedicated staff for customer service, and also for the implementation and sale of software solutions. The working point is going to be in Timisoara and the grand opening is planned for this summer.

Nowadays, Senior Software operates through four locations, offering businesses intuitive systems such as ERP, BI, SCM, MES, E-commerce and Hardware. The company has an experience of almost 20 years on the software solutions market in Romania, and the behind reason of opening a new branch is due to a complex development plan, which aims to extend and consolidate Senior Software’s local presence.

The opening of Timisoara’s branch is part of Senior Software’s strategy of geographical expansion, started in 2018 with the establishment of the branch in Constanta, followed by the offices in Iasi and Cluj. It was a natural choice considering, first of all, the business’s potential in the West, as our portofolio already had important companies from the West as clients, including Barum Automotive, RPW Logistics, Vitacom Electronics, Side Grup, Agroland or Randler Group.

We want to form a strong team of consultants, specialized in sales, implementing information systems, and also in customer service activities, through which we can be as close as possible to companies that are looking for solutions to digitalize their business.

Senior Software Logo comunicat - orizontala
Daniel Toma
CEO of Senior Software

With the launch of Timisoara’s branch , Senior Software aims to create at least 20 new jobs. The company is looking for dedicated staff for software implementation, with accounting, production or logistics skills, customer service consultants and dedicated personnel for the sales area (for more details about the roles and to check out the full list of available positions, please visit the Careers section). The new formed team will provide consulting services to companies located in Timisoara and from the surrounding area, interested in digitizing their business through Senior Software solutions.

About Senior Software

Senior Software has a turnover of over 37 million RON and is the only supplier, developer and integrator of software solutions in Romania that provides a complete package of integrated business management systems.

The company started its activity in 2003 with a single division, and currently has 7 divisions, through which it implements intuitive ERP systems, analysis and budgeting solutions, logistics, production, HR and E-commerce software. During these almost 20 years of existence on the software solutions market, Senior Software has achieved over 450 successful implementations, all over the country, for businesses of different sizes and various industries, operating both in Romania and abroad. QFort, Regina Maria, Delaco, Porsche România, Dinamic 92, Sipex Company, Ocean Fish, Frigotehnica, SanoVita, Stera Chemicals, Croco, Herlitz, and many more, are just a few examples of clients within the company’s portofolio.

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