Biodegradable packaging manufacturer UrsPack keeps production costs under control and manages sales with ERP and BI systems

UrsPack, the only manufacturer of biodegradable packaging from Romania that exclusively targets the HoReCa industry, keeps production costs and inventory under control and efficiently manages sales with SeniorERP and SeniorVisualBI solutions from Senior Software. Due to the benefits of using Senior Software’s integrated systems, the manufacturer expects to double its turnover in 2023.

UrsPack, a top player in the biodegradable Romanian packaging industry, uses SeniorERPERP software for resource management and SeniorVisualBIBusiness Intelligence software for reporting, analysis and data visualization, provided by Senior Software. With a turnover of about 3 million euros, the company from Suceava produces tens of millions of biodegradable cardboard packages per month, which are customized for customers in the HoReCa industry.

The biodegradable packaging manufacturer has gained countless benefits from using integrated business management solutions, including: control of production costs & inventory and a clear picture of the entire business. Based on the results achieved so far (video case study), the UrsPack`s managers aim to double the company`s turnover by 2023.

We especially wanted to have control over production costs. Senior Software’s systems have positively influenced both the production and sales activity, as well as the warehouse and delivery areas. In the production area we can estimate a more realistic consumption and costs […] Regarding the warehouse-delivery area, the barcode system and the scanning process help us a lot, because they give us control over our inventory.

SeniorVisualBI helps us through the reports we can generate regarding customers, partners, products, sales. We can perform quick analyses of cost fluctuations, sales to specific customers and product developments according to criteria of interest. Also, the Business Intelligence solution helps us in everything related to medium and long term estimates.

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Lucian Gradinaru
Executive Director - UrsPack

urspack challenges

Up until the collaboration with Senior Software, the company encountered several difficulties, such as:

Lack of acces to updated essential business information

Poor visibility over production costs

No status for warehouse inventories

In addition, reports regarding customers, products, partners and sales, required a lot of time and resources and, in the end, did not always include detailed and up-to-date information. At the same time, the company also faced problems in structuring and managing customer relationships.

Pana la inceperea colaborarii cu Senior Software, compania a intampinat mai multe dificultati

Every year, we try to develop further and to be more efficient, and a very big impediment was that we didn’t have a good enough system to help us do this.

Senior Software has come up with an excellent solution to digitize everything that happens in the company, from production and sales to warehouse management, and this helps us to develop […] The systems allow us to scale sales and manage each product, to figure out where we have losses, where we can do more […] We are very pleased with these systems and, together with Senior Software, we will develop UrsPack we will help the company to reach its full potential.

- said Vasile Avram Ursaciuc, Administrator - UrsPack.

In the following period, UrsPack plans to improve services offered to customers with the B2B ecommerce portal.

About UrsPack

UrsPack is the only manufacturer of biodegradable packaging, with 100% Romanian capital, which exclusively addresses the HoReCa industry. The company produces, customizes and markets a wide range of cardboard packages for restaurants, fast-food, catering, bakeries and pastry shops. The business has a total working space of 5,000 sqm, a staff of 70 employees and branches across the country, producing tens of millions of packages per month.

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